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Some sounds that I took from finished games.

Some sounds (why sounds with .ogg and .mp3 do not work? Only with .wav works?) It would be nice to fix the replacement sound in the next release.
WEAPONS SOUNDS FROM: Alien Shooter 2: The Legends ,painkiller,Serious Sam and SE, Quake 2, Arena and 4,DUSK, Unreal Tournament and Wolfenstein 2009
All weapons have been changed, but for some reason mp3 and ogg do not replace them.
Place the archive in .xonotic / data

Attached Files
.pk3   sound.pk3 (Size: 8.36 MB / Downloads: 3)
.pk3   zzzz-kota-sounds_v3.pk3 (Size: 8.49 MB / Downloads: 1)
exec XonoticMod.cfg - my  Cool  mod;
[Image: 151702.png]

.mp3 sounds do not work in this game, but .ogg should. The likely reason for it failing is execution order; the xonotic-data package has a lower alphabetical name than sounds.pk3, so the stock sounds are preferred. Most server packages work around this by naming their package zzz-myfile.pk3.
It would also be worth adding a version number to the pk3 incase you intend to make further revisions, and since this is a local replacement, you could go for a file name like this:
[Image: 230.png]

it would be great to add support for .mp3 format, but now .ogg works

Attached Files
.pk3   zzzz-kota-sounds_v1.pk3 (Size: 8.36 MB / Downloads: 1)
exec XonoticMod.cfg - my  Cool  mod;
[Image: 151702.png]

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