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[SUGGESTION] TS3/Vent - Community VoiceCom

An important thing in communities is COMMUNICATION. This was also demonstrated when certain people/companies *cough* gave us a demonstration of the effects bad communication can have.

There are many ways to communicate, the most common way is obviously using your vochal chords to produce sounds that other people are able to decipher with their ears. The limitation of this wonderful way of communicating is it's range.

As humanity is quite experienced with solving problems we invented technology to make voice communication possible over far distances. Two of these technologies are today referred to as Teamspeak 3 (3 NOT 2) and Ventrilo (which in my personal opinion sucks).

Thus my suggestion is as follows. Would it be possible to set up a Teamspeak 3 (or Venrilo) server for the Xonotic Community? It would help the dev team coordinate their work, it would let people play with/against each other in a completely new dimension.

Suddenly the guy who just headshotted you isn't just a nuiscense, it's a real person you can talk to and learn how he managed to kill you, learn your weaknesses and improve your gameplay WITHOUT your social life going down the hill.

The only imaginable problem would obviously be financing. While VoiceCom servers aren't cheap they aren't too expensive either. I suppose it would theoretically be possible to gather the money through Donation. This would be an issue we'd simply have to solve.

Oh and should the idea become reality and you need a hand to set up/administrate a VoiceCom server I'd gladly help.
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Nexuiz already had a few Mumble servers, and I feel that those'll probably stay.
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There have been a few TS and Mumble servers.. and i'd rather say go with Mumble as its also open source and working very well and is available for all three OS's that Xonotic will be available too.
That would also help if the community wanted to advertise those "speak servers" as it would point out to an other good opensource project.
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+1 for mumble.... opensource + multiplatform = win

Mumble would be the way to go. Many linux users, such as myself, would be very upset if Xonotic went with Vent or TS3.

Quote:Many linux users, such as myself, would be very upset if Xonotic went with Vent or TS3.

TS3 is fully compatible with Linux btw (and Mac).

But anyway, Mumble seems a bit more "open" so I suppose it would suit the community better.
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Oh, I haven't done research on TS3. =P

Mumble is full of win. I'd stick with Mumble over TeamSpeak and Vent any day.
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Let me jump on the dog pile here and also say +1 for Mumble.
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Mumble++ cause it's FLOSS ;-)
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Teamspeak! Big Grin
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Just FYI, I didn't read through this entire thread, but we're planning an official mumble server for Xonotic.
I've been running a mumble server for a while now and it has been pretty successful.

The official Xonotic mumble server will be tied into the xonotic website where clans will get mumble channels, etc. That is an example of something that we'll be doing with it.

There used to be discussions about integrating mumble with nexuiz for ingame voice chat, but div0 looked into it and found that the mumble code was just too complex in its design for that to work well.

Sorry to resurrect this, but who here uses voip in Xonotic?

I'm curious. I think it might be really useful in CTF/vehicle maps.

Is there such thing as a mumble server or was it scrapped?

Both Mumble servers don't work right now. There is a random TeamSpeak server used by some for TDM.
Usually we used Mumble in Pickup CTF/CA or for fun to talk while Duels.

ioquake3 got built-in VoIP, I don't know if it's possible but we maybe could try to port that feature over to DarkPlaces?

(07-16-2012, 02:40 AM)machine! Wrote: ioquake3 got built-in VoIP, I don't know if it's possible but we maybe could try to port that feature over to DarkPlaces?

The response we got from developers and other technically inclined people was that this is far from being easy. I think it would also be a waste of time, considering that ingame voice chat is already possible with third party software.

Read these threads:
Optional Voice Chat (No Third Party Software)
Team speak or mumble imbeaded

What MrBougo said, and in game voice chat is an awesome troll tool btw. :/

Too much work for too little profit.

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