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Old fragmovie preview for Christmas

Hi guys,

back in 2008 I was creating a few tests for Nexuiz frag movies. I never told anyone about it (except 2-3 people), because I didn't want it to be like kojn's projects (where he just gets you excited and never delivers anything Tongue). But since I am not active anymore anyway, and I'll never play Nexuiz again anyway (if I'd play anything it'd be Xonotic), I thought .. maybe you like to see an old fragmovie with bad record settings (no frag messages), well .. pretty much a "test" how to do a Nexuiz movie. It's called "Unleashed", in honor of my last clan which had the same name.


Further description is given on Youtube.

PS: I might re-do the movie in my summer semester break (other songs, other scenes). But I'm really not sure about this =). It would take at least another year. Don't expect anything.

simply insane... Smile

a lot of frags for "a preview" Tongue
and the end... all these players of former times :') ... reminds on good times!

Stop mentioning my name.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(12-26-2010, 06:58 AM)Debugger Wrote: a lot of frags for "a preview" Tongue
and the end... all these players of former times :') ... reminds on good times!
Hehe, the "preview" is actually not to be interpreted in a sense of "a shorted version of something", or "trailer, teaser..". It's a "full length" version. "Preview" just refers to the visual quality and the fact that things still could have changed, had a final movie been created.

Some really really good frags but frag content is high throughout whole video, actual quality of graphics is so-so, but I like this clean old skool look Smile

My fav nexuiz movie Smile

Good work.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Wow nice video man. Smile
I used to hate you with a Nex. Big Grin Big Grin And when I see all the names I remember so much fun.

Hehe, nexriflechangeweaponreloadexploit, those were the days Big Grin
I really like the muted colours with brighter weapon effects, can we has ingame post-not-post processing plals :o
WOOOAAAAH!! trick jumping like WHAAAAATTT??? frlipping lovely moves there sir, I'm like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWEEEEEEEEEEEE
"the best trolls are indistinguishable from idiots"

Weapon models have come a long way.

Lots of good footage, and it's old stuff too.
And complements on your very fine trickjumps Big Grin

We should see how old of gameplay video we can find and make a history of Nexuiz and how we got to Xonotic.

(12-27-2010, 10:32 AM)nowego4 Wrote: We should see how old of gameplay video we can find and make a history of Nexuiz and how we got to Xonotic.

morfar would win. he got a frag video from nexuiz 1.1
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Haha yes morfar would win that easily =). I think the oldest demo (not sure if it's in "Unleashed") I have a record of is from 1.5, maybe 1.2.1, but definetely not older than that.

By the way, just want to point out that I only did about 1/3rd of the trickjumps myself, and they also weren't invented by me either. Kudos go mostly to mkzelda and Red Dragon who inspired me (see credits). And dIM of course =)

@Radished: I think you can actually, with GLSL enabled you can simply overtune brightness and reduce contrast to make it look as crappy as you want Wink

Very nice video, GreEn'mArine. I like the trick jumps best - I never was able to do the one from the basement fan to the mega health on soylent, even though I tried pretty hard.

Let's hope we have plenty of trickjumptricks on Xonotic maps. Ramp jumping and air control are so powerful in Xonotic that there should be quite some potential for awesome trickjumps. Some have been already recorded, I am really looking forward to similar kick-ass trickjump collections recorded with Xonotic.
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