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[Duel/FFA] Imprisoned


MOD: DUEL, DM (optioanally)
ITEMS: MEGA HEALTH + ARMOR 50 (x2) + shards


[Image: r3_previer_impris.jpg] [Image: new_item_and_deatils.jpg]

[Image: more_details_lamps_better_textures.jpg] [Image: progress_lighting.jpg]

Download lastest version:

Map is avaliable on(Please update lastest version):
  • (Prophets) Duel Sanctuary [Minsta|Hook] (lastest version)
  • [unconnected] votable public Server | UC - [0.7.0] (older version)
  • DCC's Pickup Delight (outdated version)
  • The Atlanta Smokehouse Votable CTF/duel (older version)
  • Xonotic Normal Server Japan (outdated version)

Feedback will be appreciated!

PS: Great thanks to Majki for light feedback! Great thanks to Archer for briliant and fast music! Thanks to everyone who submitted their feedback!

Updated it on the eXiLe servers. Layout looks interesting, no 100hp (tested v2)?

Should it be imprisoned? Looking good anyway.
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Texture-wise, looks bland and colourless. Will chuck it into my xonotic and give the layout a go.

The map has mega health NOW, and yeah, edh: Map name already changed. Its good thanks. but it does not matter now, since it's still beta.Thanks for pointing that out though.
The map has mega armor, 50 armor, and 50 hp and some shards and 25s.

From what I see from the screenshots it looks amazing, your maps justin are really awesome! If i get some time over i might try it and give some feedback. Smile

I went to mudkip's safari zone looking for this and couldn't find it because i kept putting "imprisoned" in the console.


Now that i've played around with it for a while against bots I can give critique, at least on look&feel. You'll have to get a more competitive player to tell you about item placement.

I like it in most respects. There are misaligned textures everywhere and the map generally isn't detailed-looking but it's a beta so there's time to fix the graphical issues. I also really think it should get stairs, because the ramps look bad and are sooooooo slow.
The overall aesthetic is nice though, but the map could use some more contrast& visual layering to make it easier to comprehend what you're looking at. Silentseige did a really good job at that.

Also music is too loud.

[horrible suggestion based on map name]
Maybe you could add a glowplant-like invisible warpzone so you can drop down somewhere and come out on top of the map.
[/horrible suggestion based on map name]

Hmm, I can't open it, tried "map inprisoned" and "map inprisoned-beta-v3" neither worked, what is the command to open it?

Another awesome map by you! I had a run through this map, and I really like the movement aspect. Lots of ramps, interesting jumps, good flow. The layout looks promising so far, doesn't seem to be like a map where all the action takes place around one room or so.

Looking forward to the polished final version!
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machine!: use the chmap command, it has tab completion.

(10-11-2012, 11:59 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: machine!: use the chmap command, it has tab completion.

Thanks, the problem was I've placed it in wrong dir.. xD

So here's a quick review..

I really like the flow when running around, the placement is very good too, but, the 50 HP feels a bit off, I think it deserves a position on a bit higher grounds. Also, if the nex postition turns out bad in gameplay(i did not play the map against someone, so this is just a guess) it maybe can change position with mortar? Okey, also, in the middle room(or maybe nex room i mey call it) there is three ramps at the bottom floor which would be cool if it was possible to trickjump on, it looks like you are supposed to use them as a ramp, but you simply dont get that high up in the air that you can make it all the way up. Also there is a wierd shader at the corridor near MA, the one at the right if you look straight forward from the MA.

I'll give more suggestions when I've played it, also visuals are yet to be reviewed, but from I see from the screenshots it seem excellent(only tried the map with my playing uber picmip config Tongue ).

Overall it seems very good!

Thank you for your feedback so far!
  • The music problem was simple: It was target_speaker (so in game the music was an ambient), I fixed this problem.
  • I added mega health in place of mortar, and mortar in place of 50 HP (removed).
  • I was thinking about changing position of nex gun as suggested, but I couldn't figure what place would be the best so it's still where it was.
  • I made the middle room trickjump possible without prejumping (although it still requires precision)
  • I'm not sure about changing ramps into stairs, Silencer. Ramps does not slow you down very much if you know how to use them and give plenty of possibilities for trickjumping.
  • I addded several details and lamps (Halogene shuld like it!)
  • I talked to Fisume and Kojn on IRC yesterday so the item placement in next version should be improved.
  • fixed the god damn map name into iMprsioned Smile
  • I added trick jump allowing you to skip jumppad!
All the following changes are made in v4 version which will be relase in next couple of hours. hold on.

Quote:fixed the god damn map name into iMprsioned

I see the typos are still your bane anyway ;-D. (here and in the top post)
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Map updated, guys and ladies!

Cyber Killer: More feedback please! Elaborate on topic! Wink

(10-12-2012, 07:20 AM)Justin Wrote:
  • I'm not sure about changing ramps into stairs, Silencer. Ramps does not slow you down very much if you know how to use them and give plenty of possibilities for trickjumping.

you could do like stormkeep and have a ramp in the middle/on the sides of the staircases.

I did change a lot of things, including textures, details, spawns and stairs.

I replaced only 2 ramps by stairs and improved its visuals.

Map is ready for serious duels now. The next version (final with beautiful polishing) will be relased before the end of the duel mapping contest.

[Image: apoka1.jpg] \\.// [Image: apoka2.jpg]

[Image: apoka3.jpg] \\.// [Image: apoka4.jpg]


[Image: apoka6.jpg]

nice work justin.

still feels bland because of a lack of visual contrast IMO

(10-12-2012, 09:53 AM)Justin Wrote: Cyber Killer: More feedback please! Elaborate on topic! Wink

If you insist... the top post still says the map name is "IMPSRISONED" (I don't even know how to pronounce that :-D )
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[Image: 9UU1Q.jpg]
This corner of the wall is visible. I think that is not in purpose, right?

[Image: IBiOF.jpg]
Same texture as the floor. I find it weird, like putting a floor on top of another floor.

[Image: Q4Vb3.jpg]
  1. Flat ceiling. Maybe add some variation?
  2. Also, "too flat". I would put structures like arches, with some verticality, and/or something in background. Maybe duelers never look at the sky but anyway.
  3. I like this wall.

Ok, Thank you very much for constructive feedback, Monad, Silencer.

I will fix these bugs. And of course I will diversify ceiling.

When it comes to variety of colors and lack of contrasts... I will do my best however the map was DESIGNED to be dull and grey (at least its 'imprisoned, not 'disneyland'). But you are right, all contrasts make the map look better and easier to move around.

Im waiting for more feedback from you, people. Especially about item placement.

I played a duel on it, I have to say the item placement is quite good. There are some things though:

* I felt like the electro wasen't really used that much
* The ceiling in middle room is in the way when you laser jump up to the nexgun
* The trick jump/ramp on the platform next to the MA have to be lowered slightly, you bump into the roof

Nex placement changed,
added hagar
changed place of electro,
added details,
fixed problems and bugs.

This is very serious version of the map, although its not final yet.

No! Not the nexgun please, unless it plays out better now though ofc! Smile

This looks great, I'll see if we can get some feedback from the AU duelers =]
[Image: 10834.png]
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i'll move it and comment tomorrow ^_^

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