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[SUGGESTION] All Nexuiz forums should be archived on

Hi Folks,
Well this is my first post here , so Hi to all YOOOUUUU GUUUYYYSSS Big Grin
OK to business: I think we should have all the Nexuiz forums archived here on the Xonotic site.
Simply because it's an invaluable resource that needs to be archived for our future reference.
Now what I'm hoping is that someone will tell me that access to this resource will never be an problem because of ...?
But as I don't know for sure that all this data is safe I think this issue needs to be raised.
Consider it raised :p
Oh man, I'm a junior member... -.-
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This makes sense. I do feel that a lot of community resources and information are on the Nexuiz forum and you have made a good point. We do need to be able to access them.

Both forums use different software, so a direct import is out of question. Also there are also a lot of nonsense (ohhhh not really) and old threads. Maybe its better to just copy/paste the most important posts.
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Oh hai Rad!

Be sure to report in -> HERE ;3

And yes, on a more on topic note, seconded.
OR atleast list those of importance with direct urls, so anyone willing and able to regarding of time, can start copying stuff over in the forums or I guess the wiki for lots of stuff.

[Image: scruffy_futurama.jpg]

I doubt the AT forums will be going down any time soon. However, it would be a real shame to lose that valuable resource. I'm not sure if migrating everything would be the best idea, but possibly some kind of 'light' archive would suffice. How about or ?
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I like =P sounds fancy.

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