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[SUGGESTION] Player model suggestion: Xonos

Its the xonotic logo.
It an eagle with armor on chest and legs.

What bothers me is that i dont know how to do player moddeling Sad
Can any 1 give me a little tutorial.

many thanks.
Droid a.k.a coder (i dont code tho)
[Image: steam.gif]


How much experience do you have using Blender?
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

Sounds really cool! but wouldn't it be a bit too different from what the models generally look like? (Im not saying your going astray or anything)

Anyways looking forward to see the model Smile

i dont have any experience in blender Sad
[Image: steam.gif]


In that case you might want to read this: Blender 3D: Noob to Pro. It starts with the very basics of 3D modelling, so it doesn't matter what skill level you're at at the moment Smile

You can download Blender from here.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

is there an iqm and 3DS plugin for blender
[Image: steam.gif]


I have started moddeling .
Yesterday i made the f*king bird but it didnt fit in the game so i trashed it Tongue
Today up to now and part of yesterday i am making a robot called bobot.
[Image: steam.gif]


do not trash sed bird please , please submit it , so i can use it , but maybe give it more chicken like Smile




chooky needs his chooky suit

also t

all those in favour , say t



(those not , gtfo)

I've been using Blender steadily for two years, and I know I'm not ready for player modeling. Also I've been searching for exporters for most of that time and have only found a few partials. And don't forget you have to rig and animate and texture.

I think maybe we could work the logo into some of the playermodel's glowmaps, that might be okay.


think positive Smile
sorry but i have trashed the bird. do u make the .skin files?
[Image: steam.gif]


(04-11-2011, 09:14 AM)Droid Wrote: think positive Smile
sorry but i have trashed the bird. do u make the .skin files?

I highly recommend starting with Blender and watching The Super3boy Tutorial videos. He may sound like a little kid and takes a long time to cover subjects but you do learn it. He starts for the absolute beginner and if your dedicated I don't think you'll have to much trouble, it's just time consuming.

-Brawlic on your ass-


Some crap to overcum the "The message is too short. Please enter a longer message" error.

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