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[SUGGESTION] Assault map ideas

Though I'm still not entirely sure what's possible with this game mode, I still figured we needed a thread for ideas relating to this neglected feature. Everyone is encouraged to post ideas in this thread to hopefully encourage mappers to put this mode to use. I actually have two ideas from some of the gaming experiences of my past I'll post in a moment, though have no idea how doable they are.


*cough* *cough* Im working on it.
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NOTE: This would be a VERY loose re-imaging. For starters spider bots don't stand 32 stories high and there was no beacon or anything like that in the original, that was just thrown in as a reason to check the wreckage.

Open desert loaded with dunes mission taking place mid-day. There should be limited visibility for some distance and there should be a lot of dust (fog can replicate this I think) in the air. It should take a considerable amount of time to get to each objective.

Spider Bots (walking fighter tanks)

Special (I'm REALLY NOT SURE how doable anything in the special categories are)
1 ALL players spawn inside spider bots and are barred from exiting them
2 There will be a mission timer that will disappear once the first offensive objective is met (offense isn't sure if the beacon was destroyed)
3 Players have a limited number of lives
4 Attacking players spawn at the last completed offensive objective near the same spot while defensive players spawn at seperate points surrounding the current offensive objective


1 Inspect fire base wreckage (get to the area where it's located) and ensure that the beacon was destroyed (it is already destroyed before the attackers arrive, but you don't know that).
2 Destroy chemical plant
3 Get to the dustoff point for extraction (there will be a drop ship at this spot)

Regroup and stop the enemy from escaping. Defend the wreckage and chemical plant if possible.

(08-01-2011, 06:48 AM)Cortez666 Wrote:

*cough* *cough* Im working on it.

Awesome! Reminds me of AS-Highspeed.
EXTREMELY high up into the air, no land visible below. Six large carriers loaded with turrets and a large area on the inside of each one. To enter a carrier you must blast away the external shield generator guarded by turrets. To destroy a ship, you must blast away the cooling on the inside.

Raptors (I think that's what they're called, fighter/bomber helicopters)

Special (again, not sure how doable anything in this category is)
1 ALL players spawn inside raptors and are barred from exiting them
2 Vehicles will be modified to move faster and have weapon cooldown removed on primary fire (they can fire endlessly)
3 Offensive players spawn scattered and away from the objectives
4 Defensive players spawn scattered, but close to the objectives
5 Timed mission


1 Destroy carrier shield generator
2 Destroy carrier by destroying it's cooling
3 Repeat objectives 1 & 2 until no carriers are left

Defend the carriers until they can be teleported out

I'm creating an assault map and i can tell you that VEHICLES SHOULD NOT BE USED ON THAT MODE

They, or at least the spider bot that is the vehicle that i tested, have a bug. If you are inside a vehicle and the round ends, the game wont switch you to the other team (attackers/defenders).

The round restarts but you remain inside the vehicle where the last objective is.

I hope someone can check this because i wanted to use vehicles at the end of my map and i couldn't because of that bug.

BTW, here is the 'alpha-preview' of the map built with '-BSP -vis fast -low light'

I asked for help at #xonotic.editing to test the current progress but no one answered, maybe someone here can set up a testing server?
I need to test the balance. Check inside the pk3 on the data folder you will fin the 'TO DO' list.

If you want to help me testing or adding detail to the map i would really appreciate it.

(08-01-2011, 11:26 AM)forseti Wrote: I'm creating an assault map and i can tell you that VEHICLES SHOULD NOT BE USED ON THAT MODE

Now fixed in master, plz test.

(08-03-2011, 02:01 PM)tZork Wrote: Now fixed in master, plz test.

They work now, thanks Smile

Anyway i won't use vehicles by now, i'll wait for some more testing.

Btw, i'd love if someone can create a special assault wall to divide teams.
Right now i'm having troubles to avoid attackers and defenders to spawncamp each other, and also to avoid that they take the other team's weapons.

A wall that will stop to the attackers only or to the defenders only would be awesome.

And a special entity that sends a message for attackers and another message for defenders would be good too.
That way, for example when the first objective is done defenders would see the message "Base is lost, we have to protect the next point"
And the attackers would read "Base taken, lets finish those noobs" Big Grin

If there's spawn-camping, sounds like your points for Attacker and Defender are too close to each other.
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(08-17-2011, 08:18 AM)kojn^ Wrote: If there's spawn-camping, sounds like your points for Attacker and Defender are too close to each other.

They are not close, but there are no restrictions to go from one base to the other. I'd say that it's hard to avoid base raping with the resources we have for the Assault maps.

For example, once i played techassault against another player, all i had to do to win was go to his base outside and baserape him.

(08-01-2011, 06:48 AM)Cortez666 Wrote:

*cough* *cough* Im working on it.

Oh hells yes!

I played the bejeesus out of the assault maps included with UT, both what you're working on and Mazon were my faves!

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