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[SOLVED] Baaad ping

Hey folks!

For about 3 weeks I´ve got a really bad ping sometimes. Normally I have values 10-30, but sometimes I reach a value of about 1000-4000. Today I had a ping of 10000!!!Undecided Many tried to help me but nothing seems to work. The strange thing is that this problem only occures in games, other programs which require internet work flawlessly. Sometimes (again) I have a huge amount of package loss. Now I´m getting crazy and I don´t know a solution.

Please, help me!


Are you on a wireless network? Is your internet link a home DSL line or something different? Where are you located and is your lag this bad on every server?

I have WLAN and I´m located in Germany. It doesn´t matter which server I connect to.

Well, it might be because a lot of people use your WLAN and fhe network is overused.

Don´t think that this is the case. I checked the ping out in Xonotic this night when everyone slept and nobody (except me) used the internet. Same problem.

Then I'm afraid I can't help you, sorry.

Oh dear! Why has nobody an idea what the problem is?

is it your home network?
what is your ping to some high traffic servers? (,...)
where are u located in germany?
[Image: 788.png]

ping to about 10-30ms

Maybe one part of your wlan can't handle the load...
You should try connecting to the LAN with an ethernet cable with the same computer, see if it performs better.


Have you tried changing the "network speed" on the "network" tab?

I use to have 1000ping on all the servers, i was using the default setting "fast adsl" i switched then to ISDN and problem solved.

I tried that, but I couldn´t see a difference. I have a look at that again, maybe it´ll help.

Update: I checked different settings in the network tab (in Xonotic) but it doesn´t seem to make a difference.

Any further ideas?

Maybe it is a routing problem between your computer and game servers. I had a problem like this 5 years ago when I played quake3. Try to traceroute a game server, The command on windows i think is tracert. Open a shell command and type: tracert ipaddressofgameserver. You will see all the routers and the ping for each of them between you and the game server. Maybe the TOS 3 bits priority in the game's ip paquet is set to low from your ISP. Also have look for virus or other shit like trojan horse... Good luck

Sorry that I didn´t mentioned that: I already did this traceroute thing but it seems to be fine. Of course my ping is not the best to an australian server but the european ones are good. The problem is that my ping changes all the time (only ingame) from about 30 (which is good and should be normal) to "nirvana" (so 200-10000).
Leeloo Wrote:Maybe the TOS 3 bits priority in the game's ip paquet is set to low from your ISP.
Can you explain that? I´m not an expert concerning network things so a bit more help would be nice.
Leeloo Wrote:Also have look for virus or other shit like trojan horse...
I don´t think that´s the problem because both on Windows XP and Gentoo Gnome2 the ping is strange. The two OS are installed on seperated hard disks.

Have you tried getting on a wired LAN at all?

he has a good ping to google... so the problem isn't the connection...
[Image: 788.png]

@Mr.Bougo: No, but I will try that out this weekend.

@rainerzufalldererste: Exactly. But what else could cause this?

(08-25-2011, 07:38 AM)rainerzufalldererste Wrote: he has a good ping to google... so the problem isn't the connection...

A ping to google isn't as potentially saturating on a wlan than online gaming would be. But maybe that doesn't mean anything.

Borrow an other network card and replace with yours to check it out. May be it is a malfunction of this piece of hardware.

Hmm, I also thought of that. But then I have to buy a new one and my budget is very low (I´m still a scholar).
First I´m going to try it out with a normal LAN cable and when the ping is better then there´s probably something wrong with my WLAN card.

Or your access point or the wavespace.

Access point? Wavespace? What is that?

The wlan access point is what you connect your computer to, wireless routers serve as an access point.
And by problems in the wavespace I meant whatever could potentially interfer with the wifi signal, such as radio noise or physical obstacles. I seem to have made up that word, sorry Tongue

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