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Func_ in general

It looks like the game share the func-entities of quake (which is quite logical due its the quake engine).

But my problem is: Do all the funcs work ingame? It seems to me they do not. For example a simple func_door doesn't open if i stay in front of it, or a func_plat doesnt work either.

So are this funcs not implemented to the game itself? Or do I just something critically wrong? If not, I would be happy about a list of working funcs and triggers.

(Sry for my bad english..^^)

all funcs should work imo :O
[Image: 788.png]

func_door must be triggered to open. If there's no trigger attached to it, it tries to spawn its own iirc.

EDIT: and indeed they do. If a door isn't targeted by a trigger, and if it has no health (i.e. isn't activated by damage), then it spawns a trigger around the door, larger than the door by 60 qu in each horizontal direction and by 8 qu on top and bottom. If you want something else, make the trigger yourself with trigger_multiple.

"larger than the door by 60 qu in each horizontal direction and by 8 qu on top and bottom"

Im exactly used to this behavior. But if i stay ingame in front of my door - directly in front of - the door doesn't open. But ok, i'll look if I did something strange wrong.

You also have to set an angle value for the door that it knows where to move. In this case you could set "angle -1", then it will move upwards.

If you play the map locally (i.e. "Create" tab or chmap), you can use r_showbboxes to show triggers. That might help the debugging.

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