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[SUGGESTION] Original Weapon Contest

Anyone interested in making a contest searching for originality?

There could be some cool stuff.
Rules I came with:
1.- Released under Creative Commons or a similar(Under judges decision) license.
2.- It most be original.
3.- It must be somewhat physically viable.

Also, what format if any would it need to be?
I can't wait to start trying to make some goodies even if I had never 3D modeled before. :-)

I personally wouldn't know what to replace the current weapons with.

Blowpipe? Tongue

Which reminds me: what are the plans for the spiderbot and airplanes? Put on hold?
[Image: di-712770583645.png]

I wonder remote control weapons could be added. ie like a little tank with tracks you can have drive around conner and blow the crap out the area.

Air powered weapons would be interesting for a change. Ie having to wait for the pressure to build up so you could get range. Worse case not allowing pressure build up have a round stop in barrel and explode.

Ie lot slower fire match so you have to do a lot better job with the shots you get.

A tit for tat match would also be wrong. Ie when you fire at someone they can fire at you. But until they fire at you they cannot be shot at by you again if you miss.

(03-22-2010, 09:04 AM)Vordreller Wrote: Blowpipe? Tongue

How about Tuba for a start?




I'm not sure what you are trying to say with this post. Clarify please.

That's some crazy stuff. Really entertaining.

Whatever happened to the Robot Walker thing nexuiz had going? That would have been a fun gamemode imo. Maybe it could be brought to life in Xonotic, or have the idea revisited?
[Image: panzersig.png]

Zero-G matches? With the ability to tether things to other things (to build walls etc)
Parents of young organic life forms are warned that towels can be harmful, if swallowed in large quantities.

There are a lot of new ideas and features floating around I think. Vehicles, physics and a whole bunch of neat patches and mutators.

A good Beam Accelerator weapon...with one difference. The longer you hold the Fire button, the more powerful the shot and the longer the shot lasts. It would be hit-scan and perfectly accurate.

Edit: For Zero-G combat, check Shattered's awesome!

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