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Make your own crosshairs a la Cortez666

3 steps to success! Simple and fast explained!


open Photoshop / Gimp


create a new file, transparent, power of 2 resolutions (16x16px, 32x32px, 64x64px, 128x128px etc..)

why resolution² (not need to be done, just additional informations) see link below.

STEP 2.1

first we start to draw the alpha channel for our crosshair

What you need to know about alpha channels (not need to be done, just additional informations) Wrote:
  • You use alpha channel, alpha images to tell the game which part of the crosshair should be transparent
  • there are no colors in alpha channels, just black, white and all types of gray
  • black areas are invisible
  • white areas are visible
  • logically gray areas are transparent

so let's take our brush and draw slowly and very detailed, this is gonna take some time...

[Image: part1.jpg]


[Image: part2hu.jpg]

STEP 2.2

create now in your xonotic directory a folder called data/gfx. If gfx already exist, scip this STEP!

[Image: part2b.jpg]

STEP 2.3

What you need to know about how Xonotic inherits (not need to be done, just additional informations) Wrote:
  • If you take a look in your data folder there is a pk3 file called xonotic-[NUMBERS]-data.pk3. It's a zip file. You can open it with a zip archiver like winrar.
  • If you open this file and go to gfx, you will see crosshair images. There are 20 standard crosshairs with 20 alpha channels. Therefore there are 20 slots for crosshairs.
  • But you dont have to overwrite them and create a new pk3 file. Since Xonotic does inherit, you can also throw your crosshairs into your probably new created gfx folder! This is why you created this folder.

Save your image into your gfx folder with the name


As mentioned before Xonotic provides 20 slots so you can choose a slot betwen 1 - 20, meaning if you want to use slot 3 instead, write a crosshair3_alpha.jpg file.

[Image: part2cq.jpg]

STEP 2.4

Now we are going to create the image which tells the game which parts of our crosshair are coloured! I fill first the image with the color white...

[Image: part3.jpg]

And the middle should be red... DONE!

[Image: part4ei.jpg]

STEP 2.5

Write a new image called


in the same gfx folder like where the alpha image is

[Image: part4b.jpg]

STEP 2.6

Start Xonotic!

STEP 2.7

Go to Multiplayer > Player Setup and take a look into the Crosshair settings

STEP 2.8

If you done everything right you should see your own crosshair at slot 20! You can give him now a size and additional alpha information!

[Image: part4cc.jpg]

STEP 2.9

Join a server and enjoy to see from your "point of view" who's a dick*

[Image: part4d.jpg]


If you have questions ask dude


Wait a second there arent 3 steps

Additional Informations

Textures and the Power of Two

Alpha Compositing

* No dicks in images included, just pink and nimbus

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In a strange way, that was actually useful Tongue
[Image: sigdammit2.png]


I bet you had fun doing this.

I'm a big dick. Lovely Big Grin

It definitely should be set as a default.
Great tutorial btw Smile
Now I will be aware of meeting you in-game Soelen Big Grin

all i can say is t.



oh and i voted dicks everywhere , due to it being funny and the fact of an extreeme lack of hawt chicks in game (maybe we should add %20 of nerd girl related stuff into dev to get them to join community , then they will see what awesome gentlenerds we are. )



hahahahhah , n1 n1


i summon the devs to make this happen



i think that has worked....




Soelen - you're like a mad genius with too much time.


I recommend this gametype as included mutator.

*reciting chookys summoning*
[Image: Sigsig.jpg]

Big Grin

I have to admit, I had a good laugh.
Also, it lacks the glans, so it's imho the start of...

[Image: 1rdw8q5vylnd96clsy7_thumb.jpg]

[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."


(01-11-2012, 07:11 PM)C.Brutail Wrote: OMG!!! JAZZ JACKRABBIT!!!

You should see a urologist ASAP!

Speaking of jazz jackrabbit, we should make a xonotic weapon mod inspired by it!

EDIT: hey, how did you post such a big rep review for Cube, Soelen? I tried to do one for Rashmi but it seemed limited in length.
EDIT2: oops, obviously didn't read it all. Well this system's kind of silly, why would it put the limit in the UI and not in the backend as well...

Haha, wonderful. I guess someone should try to fix that. Or not.
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

HAHA Big Grin

I'll have to quote Sless now:

<Sless> Soelen is really like a mad-man genius with a hang to chaos and too much time.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

All what's left to do is another tutorial about making weapon sounds with Pingas practical example.


due some asyyy issues I changed tutorial images. Also attached example files.

1. get this zip file

2. unzip directory weapons into your data/sound folder. If there is no sound folder, create one

3. enjoy

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The discussion on offensive imagery has been moved to sanity island.

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