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What's your Hotkey/HUD Configuration

Topic title explains itself. Something like showing your desk. Cool
I know that the HUD can look different, so I picked CTF to take a picture because I play that the most. I also picked the flag and Shield to show their place in the HUD. Wink The weapons panel only fades in if I switch/pick up a weapon.

So here you go:

Smile I hope some people post it.
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But You are right. Its better to have everything in the perfect order.

I always wondered why Justin plays so good.

And just play with the default HUD Big Grin

Very nice Justin, and btw, did I send the right demo? And could you open it at all?

MINE IZ MOAR KEWLER THAN URZ!1!!!!1!one!! This one is loosely inspired by the one used in the original Unreal and it's expansion pack.

[Image: 9ecr3phb3gbeaezoi83_thumb.jpg]

(09-20-2011, 10:54 AM)[CCC]KINGSHOT[CCC] Wrote: I always wondered why Justin plays so good.

Point for You!

(09-20-2011, 10:59 AM)Mepper Wrote: Very nice Justin, and btw, did I send the right demo? And could you open it at all?

Bla, Havn't checked yet. I have to register first on Rapidshare. I'd rather You uploaded it by Omploander or sth Smile

You didn't register, lol Big Grin

Well, then I ask everyone:

What does it mean if omploader says to you: "You're a trad."?

Except that I am a trad.


And what should I do to make it work again?

I got the same reaction of omploader everytime I tried to upload an uncompressed file. Maybe you try to zip it? Imho that would make even sense for a non-profit file sharing organisation...
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Well, I don't know wether it is zipped or not, because it isn't in any folder Tongue

But can't I just put it as an atachement to a mail and just mail it?

[Image: sjz5y7ab9u8jqezz0zd_thumb.jpg]

I drew my hud on my laptop's screen with a permanent marker. And I can't make a screenshot of that. Sorry.
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I did something similar with my television.

I play Playstation games sometimes. In some games you haven't got a crosshair with the sniper (you have to zoom) so I drew a black point in the middle of the screen. That helps a lot to do epic unscope kills.

(As you can see my English skills are unaccessible)

I heard that it helps to stick some paper to mark the diameter of the circle given to you by the King in one level of Katamari 1.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

My HUD isn´t very special as you can see:

Post em!

Also does anybody use hide weapon? If so, what setup do you use to know what weapon your using?

You may find this thread interesting for HUDs:

As for keybinding I mostly stick with default with a few things changed:

E use (custom bind, used for vehicles)
R and F have been rebound to next and previous weapons (since I'm old school and never took the time to adapt to a wheel)
Q has been bound to reload
I public chat
O team chat
G drop weapon, just bound it there after playing overkill
T drop object/flag, bound it there after setting it up like that in Tribes 4
Mouse 4 (inward thumb button on my Lachesis) hook/jetpack
Mouse 5 (outward thumb button on my Lachesis) zoom

It should also be noted that I play with a Cyber Snipa keypad that has all ten numbers in easy striking distance.

Oh wait.

And, well, addressing question of hiding weapons... isn't your own memory enough to hold the weapon you chose in it?
That, of course, if you already know your binds and weapons of the game, and if you don't, it's better to first get acquainted with these.

:: q3map2 x64 for Windows

Also there are weapon specific cross-hairs you could use.

i'm a left-handed, but no major modifications.
rclick : hook
middle click : secondary fire
ctrl : jump
rshift : crouch
[Image: 10253.png]

Talking about binds, I have now a new bind setup. Big Grin Optimised for duels of course.

wasd - move
q - mortar
e - nex
r - rocketlauncher
f - laser
c - electro Heart
t - chat
shift - crouch
spacebar - jump
mouse - default settings

wasd = move
shift = crouch
space = jump

1 = laser
2 = shotgun
q = machine gun
c = mortar
f = electro
x = crylink
e = nex
g = hagar
r = rocketlauncher

Links to my: SoundCloud and bandcamp accounts

wasd = move
space = jump
left alt = zoom
M1 = Primary FIre
M2 = Alt Fire
MOUSE3 = Laser
Q = Shotgun
E = Electro
F = Hagar
3&4= Crylink

ESDF - Movement
W - Nex
R - Mortar
A - RL
X - Shotgun
C - Hagar
V - laser
Mousewheelup - Electro
Mousewheeldown - Crylink
4 - Drop flag
5 - Reload

Rest is just the default keys.

WSAD - movement
W - nex
S - nex zoom
A - mortar
D - mortar zoom

ok, srsly:

WSAD - movement
Q -rocket launcher
E - Mortar
R - Nexgun (like a Rail)
F - MG
1MOUSE - laser
2MOUSE - shotgun
MIDDLE MOUSE (press) - electro!

this hotkey for the win!
Mepper: interesting idea to move your movement to EDSF

I use this setup in every fps that I play:
W - jump
A, D - strafe
S - crouch
X - back
Mleft - fire
Mright - forward
Mmiddle - secondary fire
Mwheel - nothing cause it's too sensitive on my mouse
M4&5 - prev/next weapon
Lshift - best weapon + a customized weapon list
Lctrl - hook
SPACE - zoom
E - reload (in games that need it)
Q - use (buttons etc in games that need it)

I don't use separate keys for each single weapon.
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