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media source files of vehicles?

I can't find the model source files for the vehicles in the git repository under media-source files. Is it somewhere else available?

I would like to experiment with the models and cockpits and so on.


Hmm...are those secret? Technically the source of those should be available :p

Btw: I read on the Darkplaces website that md3 like tags (tag_head and tag_torso) are supported, but is it also supported qc code vise? For mechs such a separation and "animation blending" (e.g. having the upper torso and head follow the mouse) would be probably sufficient for now...

I simply don't know. Morphed and/or tZork should know.

In case there really is no source for them, we'll have to delete the models. But I bet it is somewhere.
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Ahh ok... lets wait for their answers then. But what about the md3 tag issue? Or is real animation blending so close that it isn't worth wasting time on?

I guess this warrants a relatively high-priority ticket on the bug tracker, since we're out of models if this isn't fixed.

*chirp* *chirp* ?

Well, post a high-prio ticket on the bug tracker, as I suggested :x

Hm. I should have given some more advice on the wording of the tracker ticket.

Make a high-prio bug ticket with proper spelling (don't blaim me, people like good spelling), in a concise and lucid way (no heavy and useless quoting, go straight to the point, don't make up hypothetical consequences of the absence of sources). Don't proceed to comment on your own ticket three times in the same hour, seriously, what use is there in that?

Disregard the existing ticket, it's impossible to read from bottom to top and get a clear idea of what the exact problem is.

Uhmm... wasn't me who posted that ticket Undecided And I agree the wording could have been better... on the other hand: exactly what to expect from mike :p

I know it wasn't you, it's just that my post seems to have inspired him so I wanted to complete it.

I discussed with div about vehicle source files, I guess you'll have to be a bit more patient but don't worry too much about it. Sorry it's taking so long.

No problem... to busy with "real-life" work right now to tinker with it anyways I guess.

This keeps slipping my mind.. i do have some sorta sources on a backup, just need to find it. However thise sources are in .max format, so unless you have 3ds max its not to useful to you. You can do modeldecompile some/path/model.ext in do to make a .obj out of the model/s of interest too, just so you know. Aa for tags / bones, yes vehicles make heavy use of them. If you want to know what does where, poke me on irc some day and ill point you in the right direction.

Hmm, I was obviously hoping for .blends, but for future reference even .max files are better than nothing.

But I will at some point have a close look at the .obj then. I guess tags (as tris q3 style?) should be exported to obj with it too, right?

I dont know tbh. The times i used modeldecompile i did not need tags/bones so i never had a reason to find out.

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