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[0.6 server] Questions Questions

So I had too much free time and started thinking Smile And have questions now.

What sort of power is needed for an 0.6 server, say for 12 slots? RAM/CPU/bandwidth?

What is the stance towards unpure servers and in particular one that would try replicate old aerial, laser-mortar-rocket-nex heavy gameplay and related physics Smile ?

Pls have an answer for me folks.

i binded one server to 2 cores and the 16 slots server have 0.13% cpu and bandwith 365 bytes/ when the serve is empty and full

1.67% cpu and and bandwith 456 bytes..
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(03-11-2012, 04:50 PM)asp Wrote: i binded one server to 2 cores and the 16 slots server have 0.13% cpu and bandwith 365 bytes/ when the serve is empty and full

1.67% cpu and and bandwith 456 bytes..

Thanx asp!
I wonder however if these numbers are accurate. I would expect bandwidth to be some three orders of magnitute higher... Also, what cores are these?

This Servers running on a Intel i7 3960X EE - 6 CPU Cores + 6 HyperThreading Cores, 3300 MHz
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As far as I know, the server isn't multithreaded. Don't take my word for it, but I think the only multithreading we have in Xonotic is a separate thread for sound in the client.

Running LAN server with 12 slots on Pentium 4 1500 Mhz ( yes, i'm pervert ) 512 mb RAM. Never get more then 30% CPU

As for stance towards modded servers: If you run a modded server, you are expected to describe your mod in hostname and MOTD. That's it.
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All thx for information!

Do not expect anyone to read the MOTD tough. It still expected to say its a modded server there, but my experience is that no one read it. There is a more "unavoidable" way to display info to client, sv_join_notices (set sv_join_notices "message 1 |message 2 | ... " if you want to try and make sure ppl read some info - id recommend if for any heavily modded server (see overkill for example).

as for a server req, you need (assuming nothing else major is running) abt 2-300 megs of ram and a cpu (most things will work really, unless you find a really shitty cpu or some real crazy maps/mods). As for network, its harder to say as it depends very much on map/mode and so on. Id suspect that about 2 mbit would be enough for a good 12 ppl server tough (assuming map downloads are elsewhere).

Thx. I'm thinking about running some ctf (perhaps also dm if there's enough hardware) with 2.5.2 feel + classic maps we played inside-out there in last years. We'll see if this will materialize... If it does, putting info in MOTD/server name on what this is about and where to look for tutorials should do the trick, I guess. Its still a recognized gameplay.

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