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linux server master login

I have just setup a linux sever of xonotic, but am a little confused how I might go about login into master via the console so that I can run commans though there with full privaliges without having to enter them strait into the terminal window.

In my server config file i have this set.
sv_vote_master 0 // 0 will disable voting to become master, good if you prefer to use the master password instead
sv_vote_master_password "mypassword"

I guess my question now it how do I uses the in game console to login with this password and run commands without being blocked.

I'm not really sure, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought:

vlogin <PASSWORD>

That is what I thought, but when I try that command:

vlogin "mypassword"

I get:

master control of voting is not allowed.

Do I have to change something in my config file???

set sv_vote_master 1 and it works - dunno why but if sv_vote_master_password is set you even have to ...

In my case you can login and others cannot vote to become master ... Tongue

GreetZ Su

Yay! that worked.

Ok just one more question now that I am in.

How would one go about adding bots and changing there skill level.

I tryed the bot_number command like in the config, but i get nothing.
I can type it directly into the server console and it works. How would I
initiate this form the console?

Is there a tutorial that explains this stuff anywhere?

minplayers X // X= 2 - ... add bots if less then that number of players playing. MAKE SURE ITS LESS THEN maxplayers or people will get blocked by bots!

skill X // X= 0-9 the bots skill level

enter in server console - works
enter when login in xonotic console - dunno ... =)

GreetZ Su

Thanks I will give that a try!

skill works from the games console ,but minplayers doesn't for me...

any last ideas

... who knows Tongue -- rcon maybe Rolleyes (just guessing)

GreetZ Su

for master access you should set
sv_vote_master_password "yourpassword"
sv_vote_master 1

as you did already and
sv_vote_master_callable 0
then noone can become master via voting.

The commands that are available for master are defined by

if you are interested in full comand and cvar support, then you should take a look at rcon

rcon gives full control.
Therefore you have to set
rcon_password "yourpassword"

You can login via
rcon_password "yourpassword"
and execute commands via
rcon 'command'

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