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[NEEDS INFO] Compiling Xonotic from GIT-Repo under Windows.

Im trying to build Xonotic under Windows.
I`ve already downloaded the GIT-repo and everything, but I cant compile, as make isn´t a windows command.

Downloading make for Windows also didnt help much, I got the error "Unexpected token in "nexuiz""

Any Ideas? If someone explains it to me, Id also be willing to wright a guide and edit it into this post.

Edit: I set the path to the minigw and makeforwindows into the PATH Variable. Now I´m getting this error:
$ ./all compile
+ cd /f/Program Files (x86)/Xonotic/fteqcc
+ make
c:\X\GnuWin32\bin\make.exe: Interrupt/Exception caught (code = 0xc00000fd, addr
= 0x4227d3)

Im using the GIT Bash.


somebody on this forum has to know how to compile on windows, could you help please?

Whether it's SVN or GIT, it each time means you get an amount of data of the net and put it on your computer.

With the old SVN version, there was a command-line script that did it all for you.
This was the code in it:

@echo off

echo Setting up environment...
echo Long path name: %CD%

for %%f in ("%CD%") do set BASE=%%~sf
set PATH=%BASE%\bin;%BASE%\msys\bin;%BASE%\unxutils\usr\local\wbin;%BASE%\svn-bin;%BASE%\SDL\bin

cd %BASE%

echo Short path name: %BASE%

if exist run-wgl.bat ren run-wgl.bat run-wgl.dontrun
if exist run-sdl.bat ren run-sdl.bat run-sdl.dontrun

echo Downloading fteqcc...
call getsvn fteqcc
if errorlevel 1 goto bork

echo Building fteqcc...
cd fteqcc
if errorlevel 1 goto bork
copy /b fteqcc.bin fteqcc.exe
cd ..

set PATH=%PATH%;%BASE%/fteqcc

echo Downloading DarkPlaces...
call getsvn svn:// darkplaces
if errorlevel 1 goto bork

echo Building DarkPlaces...
cd darkplaces
make debug DP_MAKE_TARGET=mingw SDL_PREFIX="../SDL" CC=gcc
if errorlevel 1 goto bork
cd ..

echo Downloading Nexuiz...
call getsvn svn:// nexuiz
:call getsvn svn:// nexuiz
if errorlevel 1 goto bork

echo Building Nexuiz...
cd nexuiz\data
make FTEQCC="fteqcc" NEX_BUILDSYSTEM=1 clean all
if errorlevel 1 goto bork
cd ..\..

ren run-wgl.dontrun run-wgl.bat
ren run-sdl.dontrun run-sdl.bat

echo Done. You can double click run-wgl.bat or run-sdl.bat to start the game now!

goto end

echo An error has occurred (see above).


First it gets fteqcc and sets a PATH variable for it, then it gets darkplaces and does a "make debug". Then it gets the SVN repo. Then it uses fteqcc to build to whole thing.

Then you can run it via a .bat file that looks like this:

@echo off

cd nexuiz
set PATH=..\SDL\bin;misc\buildfiles\w32;%PATH%
..\darkplaces\darkplaces-sdl -nexuiz -mygames -condebug +cvar_check_default bypass
cd ..

So, someone with some more knowledge of commandline on windows than me should be able to do this.
[Image: di-712770583645.png]

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