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[SUGGESTION] Weapons' visual effects

I've been playing Nexuiz for the last few weeks, and something that's been growing on me is how all the weapons seem less like distinct weapons, and more like simply different visual effects attached to damage. I feel like all the various weapons have in the way of flavor is their model and what their projectiles look like. Other than that, they're all just stand-ins for "decrease the HP of people in that area."

A major contributor to this is the fact that all damage dealt is represented in exactly the same way: blood, gibs. Even when the text that appears might be "antcow was vaporized by deathkilla", they're still just a bunch of blood and gibs. Something that would be interesting here might be to make certain weapons apply certain effects to the gibs, or even stop gibs from appearing at all.

For example, if someone has, say, a rocket launcher, and they kill someone, instead of just spewing gibs all over the place, spew *flaming* gibs all over the place. Or if someone has a weapon like the Crylink, and they frag someone else, don't spawn a bunch of gibs, but spawn some (harmless) purple blobbies that get pushed away from where the dead person was, and char the walls around them, and maybe even make some smoke appear where the fragged player was. For the sniper rifle (whatever the Nex will be called), you might just make it so that a player fragged by the weapon glows bright blue for a second, then gibs get flung in all directions extremely quickly, and leave a trail behind them like the normal Nex fire does. Another idea (perhaps for some weapon's alt-fire) would be to make plain old gibs spawn, but instead of the standard gib-physics, they're all flung rapidly toward where the firer was when they made the kill (ie. they were pulled toward the weapon and ripped to pieces at the same time) for some crazy-gory mayhem.

Something else that might be added to certain weapons (I think this might work really well with the Electro's alt-fire) would be to change damage-dealing from a quick, instantaneous thing, into a continuous wall-of-damage type mechanic. Fire a bunch of the Electro's grenade bobbers into a narrow hall or doorway, and have them linger longer than they do right now, but make them deal continuous damage instead of exploding. (Them being physics-controlled might imbalance this a bit, but making them, say, stick to walls instead of being able to careen through corridors might be a good decision.)

As an extension to the core idea here (that is, make the weapons' actual ammunition materials act like different materials), an interesting effect might be to make some weapons do more than just leave wall decals behind. Perhaps the Electro weapon might leave some blue-colored electrical-looking crackles on walls (and it'd be even cooler if they actually made crackling sounds), or the Crylink weapon could leave a lingering purple haze in its wake.

Making the weapons seem like they're actually firing different materials that behave unlike the other weapons, instead of projectiles just being HP-decreasing things in differently colored suits would go a long way to make the weapons all seem a lot more interesting, and it would make the combat feel a lot more intense, because instead of seeing the same old gibs, you'd see various different effects (flaming gibs, players just being disintegrated and turned to smoke, and room-illuminating blue people-splosions) being tossed around all over the place.

I like those ideas. You're right about the materials things, they're basically all the same. The one thing I want to mention is that changing the way the weapon behaves to make it more aesthetic is not advisable, I think.

really good ideas. i especially like burning gibs after the rocket launcher (maybe also burning players and corpses from the fireball?) and gibs with trails like the nex.

I reckon a railgun-type plasma effect would look really nice on the nex or rocket launcher, check this video to see what I'm talking about:

That effect in blue would look really neat.
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

Nice ideas, really.
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I really like your ideas!.

Some, lilke putting some gibs on fire seems possible to be implemented with small changes and I see not reason to do just that now. Stuff like that will add flavout to the game.

with clientsideqc, i think is possible to spawn items.. and dp has the ability to "read" materials, so If you combine two.. I think could be possible for explosions to product "material based" dirt. Like sparks on metal, wood dirt on wood, smoke on dirt ...

Some really good ideas!
Quote:I reckon a railgun-type plasma effect would look really nice on the nex or rocket launcher, check this video to see what I'm talking about:

That effect in blue would look really neat.

Yeah, that may be good...but keep in mind that it should be playable for low-PCs too. So may dependend on the graphics settings? Smile
Maybe also important, that the graphics shouldnt get too heavy and too much!

good ideas overhere. would love some special effects, too! =D
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great idea, I wanted to do this few years ago, but there is no willing coder to help it. You write so many text and it could be just shorten to: I have "new" idea, lets add unreal tournament death fx to xonotic

I think his in-depth post was well written Morphed and gave some idea's rather then that single sentence you wrote! Tongue
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look at this video :
that one is great too :
and this picture :

Without doing exactly the same, I think it can inspire designers. These are tracers.

Great ideas - it'd be nice to see some variation for damage Smile

I've got blood and gibs turned off though, because my graphics card sucks Big Grin
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