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Xonotic Pro Mode with or without CPMA Movement?

I wanna know what u guys think about what kinda movement is suited for XPM, default or CPMA.

Here is a youtube video that shows cpma movement in aerowalk:

I personally think that CPMA movement is suited best for XPM, as it is faster and also harder to learn (meaning players with better movement could have the edge in duels).
[Image: 1328.png]

If you want CPMA movement, then you have Q3A and Quake Live. If you want Xonotic movement there is Xonotic. If you want really slow movement there is Call of Duty. If you want a fusion of UT movement and CPMA, then there is Warsow.

Changing XPM's movement would make it unecessary since there is other games you can play duels with that. Plus I don't think it is that much faster TBH.

Hell no.

Agreed. We don't want to mindlessly rip off from other games.

That said, if you want to, feel free to create a mod and host your own server with those physics, and see if others will play on it.

Absolutely not. Xonotic is a unique and original project. Xonotic should not copy off CPMA's movement. Don't get me wrong, I love the tricking abilities (Despite that I dislike how rigid and restrictive the bunny hop feels [I'm gonna get flakk for this, aren't I? Welp; opinions]) that CPMA has to offer, but I would rather play with something different then that. I would rather prefer what Xonotic defaults at right now.

I would love to have teleporter angular output (Take a look at PainKiller, people rocket jump through a teleporter ascending as they reach the teleporter brush. On the other side of the teleporter they go up into the air).

Either way, theres a set of physics configs in your xonotic-2012XXXX-Data.pk3 - Play about with them, but most importantly, play more Xonotic.

EDIT: By the way that isn't a great example of movement in CPMA duels, I know Ska and hes not the greatest. You should probably find a video of someone like Santile, of whom spends his entire day defragging.

Frankly, I would want some sort of much faster and fluid PainKiller.

MACHINE!Angel +1 She is absolutely right. If there was anything I wanted to say, Machine allready did it.

She? Tongue

mirio allready said it ...but i will say it again

HLAC no...

... wait ... did I mess that up ...


Hutty, some day I gonna make a the "hutty" mod, HLAC only, in different colors! Big Grin

I said it once and I say it again: let's just rename XPM to XCM to avoid further confusion because of the term 'promode'
Promode in Xonotic is not like promode in Quake and balanceXPM doesn't have to do anything with physicsXPM anymore(?).
-> XPM in Xonotic is not supposed to be a mod like CPM with different weapon balance and physics.

What would the C stand for?

EDIT: I guess the same as in CPM, but I have no idea what that means. :X

Xonotic Competitve Mode - or even Xonotic Tourney Mode
Because that's what it is about, it's not related to progaming or progamers or promode in any way.

The C in CPM stands for Challenge.

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