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editing nexiuz source code

just wondering, does anyone know how to compile nexiuz from source code? If so, could you please tell me, as i would like to make some modifications to the kill messages.

I don't have the intentions of making major changes to the source code, but i would like to try some little ones, but would also be more than happy to change textures/sounds/music/pictures and *possibly* learn how to make maps and 3d models.

should be simple enough although it is platform specific. on linux you just check out the main git branch. go in to the Xonotic dir in a terminal and type in "./all update" and after it is done type in "./all compile" and it will compile everything. Then type in "./all run xonotic" and it will run the game. I have no clue how this would be done on windows although it might work if you used "win-bash" to run the "all" script
all is for naught when from him who doth not see

Thanks, I do run Ubuntu as my main os so this should work fine.
Howerever, this is what is prints out

jonathan@galaxy:~/Desktop/nexiuz2/Nexuiz$ ./all update
bash: ./all: No such file or directory

And by the way, what is a "main git branch"? sorry if its a noob question.

You want for Nexuiz. This forum abt Xonotic, while spawned from Nexuiz its not the same thing (specially not when it comes to the build system). Go here to find out how to access the Xonotic code and data.

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