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Darkplaces Code

Has anyone messed with the engine code? It's a nasty mess with very little in the way of comments. I'm looking for the offset mapping shader, but I've been going in circles. I am determined to shred this code to pieces till I understand it. I want to optimize a good chunk of it if possible, it feels slow sometimes.

grep "offsetmapping" *.c

--> gl_rmain.c

static const char *builtinshaderstring

Ahhh, duh, though win7 doesn't have grep Sad That's what I was worried about, I didn't see any references to shader code. Means LH didn't write his own...

Nvm, it's a large string, parsed by GL? Who cares...I'll start sorting through it.

Hmmm... doesn't Win7 have some sort of indexing service for a fulltext search on files?

Anyway, yes, GLSL shaders are delivered as sourcecode to the driver, which then compiles them, optimizing for the hardware present.

Same is true for Cg. I think this also applies to HLSL, less sure on that, though.

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