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XPM Question?

How do I set XPM and what is XPM can you guys please give me more info also is it random game types or multiple. Also is there a Pro Mod for Xonotic like the option to disable certain weapons kick campers,spawn protection,Country Flags on score board maybe IP's,More gore,more stable/online server setting to improve latency and Jestures like in SOF2 Rocmod style.

nope... xpm just makes it so you cant pick up medium and large health/armor if you have > 100 ... and a few other minor tweaks (like canceling hagar secondary)

[*] disabling of weapons can be done in config
[*] xonotic has spawn protection ... just pop up the number in config
[*] nope ... no country flags ... although I think the rocket minsta mod had those ... I personally hate waving the silly flag everywhere .. it brings in way too many stereotypes ... (im US btw)
[*] gore is handled client side ... I have it turned off ... its up to players to decide gore levels
[*] why would any server ever not use the most stable/least latency settings?
[*] by jesters ... do you mean taunts? ... we have those already... If you want more ... you would have to add more animations to the player models ...

ok where can i find a list of commands and what they do also can i just make a sound pack?

In your server.cfg:
exec balanceXPM.cfg

Ok how do i make the server random game types on map loading or my choices of random game types?

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