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Quick Hello

Hi everyone new player to xonotic here ( that pronounced zon-o-tic? or zonic or wtf?? lol) anyways quick run down i played cs from beta to 1.6 for clan named ctx went to cpl qualifiers in London UK also played alot of quake 3 / UT2k4 / painkiller a long time ago. Im 27 years old from england UK just came back to gaming looking for something different and i found this and fell in love with it straight away. Have a quick Q. if anyone can help me out.

1) Servers: the ones in the in game browser is that all of them? Do you guys know any others that i should probably have?

Be seeing ev1 in game Big Grin

P.S Amazing game, good work developers. Hope it doesn't stop.


You can either prounounce it zonoticor x-onotic. Yes, there is a few more private servers used in pickup matches.

Edit: Posted with phone sry for typos. You can prounounce Xonotic either x-onotic or zonotic. Smile

I pronounce it as Xon-not-tic.

Welcome also, finally another UK player! You may want to hang around the exile 1on1 servers as you will learn a lot watching people play. There is also a UK duel sever called 'froschroom' in the server list that I like to use.

Also IRC channels on quakenet: #xonotic & #xonotic.pickup

See you in-game.
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thanks for the kind welcome Smile luv duels more than anything. already sorted with irc Smile

Quote:Welcome also, finally another UK player!

My thoughts exactly (I'm from the UK too).

Welcome to Xonotic.

Quote:went to cpl qualifiers in London UK

Sounds awesome. Care to tell us more? Smile

Welcome to the forums!

Personaly i pronounce it Xon-Tick
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I pronounce it "FU I fell down again".

Welcome to the forums and the game!
"Yes, there was a spambot some time ago on these forums." - aa

Quote:went to cpl qualifiers in London UK

Not much to say we got invited to play by the cpl, qualified, went and didn't win lol this was about 8 years ago then i seen painkillerHeart while i was there and started playing that not long after. I played quake 3 a lot before CS but i just didnt like how a person could play for a week, install a cfg and all of a sudden there like above average / advanced players. Personally i think ALOT of cfg in a game amounts to cheating (even tho its not). I think its an unfair advantage.

Quick welcome!

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Great to see you around here, welcome! Feel free to msg me on the pickup irc channel if you need help with anything xonotic related. Also you can hop in for some games there aswell, but from the looks of it you already did get started Smile

yer im old school Big Grin

Welcome Smile

I think I saw you in-game a few times, but I don't remember where.. Weren't you with us when we played keyhunt?
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