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Why do people only seem to play minsta+hook or CTS?

Hahaha brilliant PinkRobot.

(01-06-2013, 04:50 PM)_Subzero_ Wrote:
(01-06-2013, 04:17 PM)Mirio Wrote: However the "problem" is that new players obviously join Minsta, OK or Vehicles, because these servers got the most players.
Then they might like it (/don't know that Xonotic go other modes and such), having fun and just stick to it.

After Gronkh many servers were active, including a lot of vanilla xonotic. But only some stayed active (i.e. interesting to players). One can't ignore that, and claim that the problem is in fact about wrong servers being active.

Ok why do you think I wrote "problem" instead of problem? Tongue

It's only a problem for some people - for me it is not.

Quote:And let's hate on fast hook, that does not even exist for Xonotic.

Well. I have my reasons for disliking that gametype... Tongue

I mean, come on, it's the most insane gamemode I've ever seen... ever!


Why "old" Nexuiz community has not switched to Xonotic? That's pretty big playerbase compared to Xonotic?

(01-06-2013, 05:43 PM)PinkRobot Wrote: Edit: I'm tired and the URL button is throwing some "undefined" clutter around, so I may have mixed up some topics. Now I will go to sleep, hoping this thread will have gone away when I wake up.

Please report here and/or PM Antibody:

@Majki lots of them did, the rest hate Xonotic for all sorts of arbitrary reasons or they don't know about it or the just don't care after all these years.

I for one, can't play much because all the popular servers have over 150+ ping for me.

It's probable that I'm not the only one in such a situation
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I would suggest that CTS appears to be popular because it's a gamemode you can play on your own. If 'normal' gamemode servers are empty there's always CTS to fall back on.
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And I would suggest that CTS appears to be popular because it is fun, chillin me and there are a lot people on servers to have a enjoyable chat ... Big Grin

The thread opener remember me on my little sister who always bugged me to play their own stuff .... Tongue

Serious - as often I read the thread it more bothered me .. Undecided

When it is the solution to switch off the most active servers in serverlist because the "pure xon gamer" are annoyed, I hope at least one of them will stay here to turn off the lights ..... Rolleyes

GreetZ Su

btw. 1+ for the the reply from the PinkFunkyRobot .. =)

I suggest just not to join only populated servers, but to also join empty ones with your favorite game mode. Usually it only takes a couple of minutes and you'll have company. Only very seldomly I've been idling for like 30 mins and no one showed up. This way you'd also do something valuable to the Xonotic Community: show presence. At the same time you promote your favorite game mode.
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Perhaps I should've titled the thread "Why don't people play vanilla Xonotic?"

I don't care if people like CTS or hook+insta, that's all well and good. They can. But the "problem" seems to be that nobody is interested in playing the regular game, why is that? Is the learning curve too tall and turning off new players? Poor balance or something like that? I can sit in my own server for half an hour waiting for someone to join and I might get one transient player.... so the "just go play" option doesn't really work.

@Shadowman84: You're not alone. Thats a problem for me too.

Well unless you like duel, public play on vanilla xonotic is pretty much worthless.. I must admit that when I go play on public servers I prefer minstagib too just because it's not a messy spamfest. And yes, I liked ffa and ctf in nexuiz better, now burn me.

Xonotic public matches are indeed spammy, and that's because it's the most effective way to get frags in the current balance. Either make switching slower or add a delay to the usual "spam" weapons like nexgun etc.

What me annoys most is that it's so hard to tell how much hp/armor the opponent has, and how much damage I deal with each shot. I prefer to know what I'm doing and not just randomly shoot at things, that gets boring quickly...

[undefined=undefined] Either make switching slower[/undefined]

Yeah - this insta switch in Xonotic is very weird in general.

(01-06-2013, 01:53 PM)asyyy Wrote: You have a point but many of those servers in discussion are heavily modified way beyond what is possible via the menu.

You have to have in your mind, that I had not played them, so all that I say is just theory and philosophy.

(01-06-2013, 03:49 PM)s1lence Wrote: This thread became nastier than I expected.

Me too and I can not see the end point of this thread, but I - and so as everybody else here - am interested in having conversation somehow related to Xonotic.
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Alright, I've devised a foolproof 5-step plan.

Step one - join minstagib servers
Step two- Slap the minsta out of their hands
Step three - spam "lern 2 charge nex" in chat
Step four - ????
Step five - profit

But seriously, we need to reconsider vanilla. Does it have too high an entry level, is it not incentivied enough, does the neccesary map movement/control exceed standard player capabilities?

It may all be well and fine for the experienced and veteran players to enjoy vanilla because they can pull off all the double jumps/ramp jumps/laserjumps etc. Take xoylent for example. For a standard player that doesn't know the doublejump they can't move around the map in a circle and have to backtrack to get to the top of the ledge.

I agree with Faraday, another point that gets mostly overlooked are items. Games like battlefield or cod don't have item pickups like those old-school arena shooters anymore. So I guess that someone who didn't take the quake/unreal school, and who doesn't have a guide by his side is overwhelmed with all those different kind of things you can pick up. And I hate to say it, but qua gameplay design the overkill mod manages that, among other things, much better.

That's completely right! I don't mean we should reomve the items, god that would be very sad, but I always try to get my friends to play Xonotic but they say " it's annoying to pickup weapons and items" which may be lack of map knowledge or something else. Xonotic have the feature to show a hintpoint where the weapons are but most don't know about it. Halogene have made good tutorials but I think we need a playing introduction in-game.

Well in games like warsow or quake live those people usually play clan arena, in Xonotic they play overkill Smile
Maybe in a "newbie" mode, you get automated waypoints if you run low on health or ammo (waypoints to the items you need). And also timers for megaitems like those for powerups could be turned on for example. That in combination with on-screen messages ("You are low on health, follow the waypoint to find health!") could help newbies understand the game better I guess.

But the main question to me is, do casual players really need 4 types of health/armor item pickups, do they need a complicated ammo system like the current one etc.. do they need that kind of stuff to have fun or does it just hinder them? That's what I mean when I say that Xonotic still hasn't decided yet if it wants to attract casual players or competitive players..

(sorry for massive editing, I'm a moron)

I think we need a tutorial line in old nexuiz but better.
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i recall hutty working on some textures for a tutorial map?

I was until I found some problem where I cannot compile the tutorial map someone else is working on due to some problem on my system ... im still narrowing down the issue ...

ammo system is being fixed by samual ... let him finish stuff before you go insane about it

the fast weapon switching is so we can do COMBOS .... with is ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKES XONOTIC UNIQUE

cod players who dont pick up items are obviously playing like noobs ... you can get a huge advantage from swapping your pistol with a different gun that someone else dropped (especially good for snipers) ... and then you dont have to waste one of your perks on overkill

also TF2 has items ... no one ever complains about that

I find most game modes fun ... includeing vehicle ctf ... minsta hook ... vanilla ... duel ... overkilll (although I do not like race very much)

You can do combos in Quake, from most videos I've seen on YouTube(most on Quake Live and Quake 2) none of them seem to have fast weapon switching spamming problems. But let's not get too far away from the topic.

I enjoy Rune Match...
[Image: 0_e8735_c58a251e_orig]

So you don't see the difference between quake/ut/xonotic items and items in cod/tf2...? Also stop with that "UNIQUE" talk please. There is nothing really unique about Xonotic at the moment (e.g., combos and fast weapon switch: qw/cpma anyone?).

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