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First development update - There's a lot to mention

As you can see it's finally possible for us to post news updates about the project! The news site apparently had some problems, and with our web developer busy there was no way to write news here. That doesn't mean nothing happened though, if you have been reading GIT log there's been a lot going on "behind the scenes" if you want to call it that Smile The project has been going forward at a fast pace thanks to the great community of contributors that we have.

I'll start out in a little bit of a rush, trying to sum up the most important development that has been going on in the project, from the view of a busy developer who is just getting back into contributing actively Smile

Player models
[Image: f6i2wct8fna1tvux1q.jpg]
Ignis, Female Version

The player models are finally getting the update they deserve. Dib and tZork (hope I didn't miss anyone) are working on getting Oblivion's awesome player models working and looking fine in the game. Dib is also working on fixing the weapon scale, which previously was too big.

More screenshots in the <a href="">image gallery</a>.

[Image: zkiws2z0x8qekb1hqvj2.jpg]
WIP screenshot of Glowarena remake by tZork

[Image: 5n4zm98lx8ympaip0la.jpg]
WIP screenshot of Space Elevator by FruitieX

[Image: 29xg8ajq1cdzrnqk1s4.jpg]
WIP screenshot of Dance by FruitieX

Most of the Nexuiz maps weren't really up to today's quality standards, so the old favorites are being remade by mappers like tZork, Cortez, sev, FruitieX (me), Cuinnton and others. Currently it looks like at least the following maps will have remakes: Glowarena (tZork), Dance (FruitieX), Space elevator/Gasolinepowered (Cuinnton/FruitieX), Aggressor (FruitieX) Stormkeep (FruitieX), Runningmanctf (FruitieX, I'm promising much here Big Grin), Downer (Cortez), Evilspace (Cortez), Soylent (sev), Castles (Cuinnton), Space CTF aka cb_ctf1 (C. Brutail) and probably more that I've missed Smile. Aside from remakes, I'm also seeing brand new maps appearing in the forum, and even in the repo (condemned_castles by MooKow). Which of these that appear in the initial release is something I have no idea about yet Smile

There's quite a lot going on code-wise. This is probably the part that's the most invisible to people in the community that do not hang around irc channels all the time, or read git log. We have been seeing big and important changes taking place, made possible much thanks to the switch to git: The developers aren't all tied to work in one place, in the stable "branch" anymore as they pretty much were in svn, now they can simply create a branch even for their most experimental changes. This enabled huge changes such as CSQC players to be possible to develop in parallel to other smaller things: that (as of today) still experimental stuff does not interfere with the rest of the development. When finished that should give us better animations, better prediction code, better compatibility to future versions (new physics code can simply be sent by the server, as opposed to now when you need an engine update) among other things. Also, Taoki has been working on adding more natural animations for the 1st person weapon models when moving the view around, similar to what most other modern fps engines are doing.

Another immediately visible thing in the initial Xonotic release should be the completely new HUD system, developed and initially brainstormed by me and Dib: the "Panel HUD". It takes each HUD element and divides them into rectangular panels, each panel freely movable and resizeable with the mouse cursor, similar to how you manipulate your windows on your computer. Thus you'll be able to create your own HUD layout easily, and with some extra effort and image editing skills, your entirely own skin. The default layout/skin has not been decided on yet, it's up to the community to provide the best!

[Image: hph3jau64w6eewq9dnl.jpg]
WIP Panel HUD skin by sev

[Image: pj13gstvgqpbamgxrxzm.jpg]
WickedX menu theme, also by sev

We've also had a menu uplift, with new animation code by esteel and the new default menu theme looking like this:

Other interesting changes include an update to the physics config, which now allows for circlejumps and more controlled strafe turning. divVerent has also tweaked them to remove exploits such as strafebots from being used. Doublejumps are an option still discussed, but before they are enabled by default "the code has to be more mature".

A subject that's currently discussed a lot about is the weapon balance, with many contributors having their own set of weapon settings. There's not much to say about any kind of "official" balance yet, but it seems like it is going to differ from the Nexuiz balance a bit. Personally I hope that we'll get as unique weapons as possible, with each weapon having it's own uses that differ from the others as much as possible, which was a little bit of a problem in the Nexuiz balance.
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oh yeah, I need to fix that parsing part...

e: going to require manual conversion to bbcode for now.

finally, thanks for the update Smile

Three cheers for the dev team and all the contributors! Hip hip, Hooray!
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BrFJ: rofl
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[Image: badge.png]

now it just needs to be spreaded to all the networks like facebook or moddb

I'll need to get back to mapping. I have the free time now at least for a while.

Good to see progress being made!
Hey, want to learn to map? You might want to start here and here!

Still working on the social integration, it posts to automatically when news is published a lot share links are available at the bottom of posts on the news page. Need people to help with PR as well.

looking good : )

Yikes those images are indeed huge Smile
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(05-31-2010, 03:49 PM)Vael Wrote: Three cheers for the dev team and all the contributors! Hip hip, Hooray!

+1 yew

Thanks to all the people putting time and effort into make this game epic, and also for taking the time to write this development update.
[Image: 769.png]

oh wow, the new gasoline powered and dance look sexy, are there going to be many completely new default maps? some new ctf and duel maps would be epic. I'd also like to see more maps that are designed specifically for 2v2 (since 2v2 is often played on duel maps and ends up being spammy/lame)

totally epic work guys, this game is going to make me fail uni so hard
[Image: 716.png]


This is looking great. We've done more quality work here than has been done in the last year or two at nexuiz.
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

The character models look fantastic. It's definitely taking care of what's been a huge shortcoming of Nexuiz for years now. I'm curious, though, how many new character models is the dev team looking at for the initial release?

yes! they really look great! Big Grin
[Image: 788.png]

I'm late, but this looks awesome. When can we expect a release?
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not today Big Grin
I don't think that there's a release date, yet!
[Image: 788.png]


oops i pressed caps...

may we/i have an update on that too please?
also sound effects?

all things sound?

(chooky's gettin nervous)


someone WRITE ONE. (whoops I pressed caps)
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ok I WILL ,


well yes , there are sum awesome music makers out there (not me) they are all doing a great job (not me)
sound effects for the new game are going great , i have made some for fun , and ... er...
the main tune for the game is by....... er..
lots of tunes made for maps!
check the all music thread thingo in the dev thingo

IM THERE! (all crap)

please , if you make tunes , then go for it!


(they just laugh at mine)
(makes me cry)
(and drink)


p.s , i did make this:

(sux ay?)

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