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[SUGGESTION] There should be more improvement (should be added yet)

their are some stuff that needs to be added in my list of things
1. turrets sentry & Manuel
2. Bio & ice weapons
3. alien guns
5. futuristic robots & aliens skins
5. gravity gun like weapon
6. Scientific guns

if there is stuff included in the game,tell me and I'll comment
[Image: FreezerShot.png]
[Image: 132238306813.png]

Some of the things on the list already exists and for editing maps people use primarily Netradiant.

As for the rest, if you have mapping/modelling/texturing skills go right ahead. Smile

Some are in the game but it some will be Removed out of the game like the useless tuba,Well it could be a Easter egg,but as a weapon it's useless in battle

That's why tube is an easter egg and not part of core weapons.

(05-14-2015, 08:54 AM)ItsMe Wrote: That's why tube is an easter egg and not part of core weapons.
Hey you are invited in the tournament of the trusted gods

7.) Paintball gun

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