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0.6.0 Server not shown in server browser

hi folks Smile

me here again with some trouble in server configuration Tongue

Since about 1 month my Duel Server > Stats < > Status < isn.t shown neither in server browser list on 0.8.0 client nor on > dpmaster <
On 0.7.0 client everything works well - manuel access with connect works fine too..
In server.cfg set - sv_public 1

Nothing changed the last month on config Huh

anybody a good idea?

GreetZ Su

This is strange. If it's not on dpmaster, how could you see it on 0.7.0 client?

What version is your Dual Server?

Also, if you let me know your Dual Server's IP, at least I can check for you whether my 0.8.0 client receives your server info but filters it out.

hi BuddyFriendGuy - thanks 4 reply Smile noticed that all 0.6.0 server are didn.t shown on dpmaster/server list anymore - maybe support ended Huh

anyway - meanwhile updated Duel server to version 0.8.0 - the only thing I don.t like is the player freeze due start countdown.Tongue
On version 0.6.0 the player was able to move though the map due countdown.
On Version 0.8,0 this dosn.t work - the player is frozen till countdown ends/game starts.

Is there a possibility to switch off freeze?

GreetZ Su

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