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[NEEDS INFO] Game crashes while loading - could not load texture "overkillbullet"

The game was hanging once during multiplayer and I was forced to kill it in Ubuntu (KXStudio).

I have tried deleting .xonotic as well as completely reinstalling the game, but for some reason no matter what I do, I get the following error when trying to start a game:

models/weapons/g_ok_hmg.md3: could not load texture "overkillbullet"
models/weapons/v_ok_hmg.md3: could not load texture "overkillbullet"
models/weapons/h_ok_hmg.iqm: could not load texture "overkillbullet"

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Not sure if it's helpful, but this always occurs while loading " pyria.iqm "

Those errors are unrelated to the crash.
Which server are you trying to join when it crashes? Also, did you change something or do anything when this started happening?
[Image: 230.png]

Thanks for your response !

Actually the crashes occur if I try to Create my own server or start any type of Single Player game. I seem to be able to join servers just fine, though, so I'm not hurting too terribly Smile It would be nice to create a server more often, though.

I had to kill Xonotic once when it was banging after I had tried to join a new server while still connected to another.. it was after this that I began to have problems

It now crashes on servers as well.. about 1/3 of the time... I don't suppose anyone has any troubleshooting ideas?

It's not very clear to me what your setup is. Do you run your server and your client on the same system? How did you launch the server? If you launched it via the command line, what parameters do you use?

Could you post the complete log so we can see more?

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