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[SOLVED] Xonotic won't launch on Win10

Well, basically thats it ...
After downloading and unpacking the 0.8.1-Zip-file, doubleclicking the xonotic.exe opens up a little Window stating that this software can't be run on the system - no more piece of information from M$ so far Angry.

Trying to launch xonotic_x86.exe instead lead to an mem_aloc error.

Any idea, what could be done about that except wiping Windows and installing a real OPERATINGsystem?

EDIT: The portable Version from portableapps runs just fine ...

OK, i got 0.8.1 running by using the rsync-updater of the portable Version. So i guess this Problem is solved in terms of playability for me. But maybe someone else could doublecheck, if the Problem with the official Zip is reproducable under Win10?

Inside your Xonotic folder, go into the misc/tools/rsync-updater folder and run the update-to-release.bat file. if this does not fix your issues, run the update-to-autobuild.bat
If you can, please report back results.

Nothing changed :-(
During the rsync i read several cygwin-errors about missing permissions for certain directories. Sadly i can't paste them here because cmd.exe won't let me scroll up again, and during the installation i wasn't fast enough :-(

Recursively changing the Permissions of the Xonotic-folder didn't change anything, too.

Still unable to start on windows 10.
+ I did ran the sync-update and it did not help.

Same problem

(09-07-2019, 05:20 PM)Semro Wrote: Same problem

For others with this problem:

You need cygiconv-2.dll in the xonotic sync folder.

Find it on the internet. I got this one: cygiconv-2.dll

For the paranoid,  cygiconv-2.dll

I have the same problem here. The error looks like this:

Quote:Quake Error

session lock C:\Users\/xonotic/lock could not be acquired. Please run with -sessionid and an unique session name.

I downloaded newest 0.8.6 package, replaced cygiconv-2.dll and ran update-to-release.bat. Error stays no matter what.

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