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[NEED HELP] Dual display - open Xonotic in full screen mode on secondary screen?

I downloaded the latest version of Xonotic (v 0.8.1) over the last weekend. I have a laptop with a 15" screen, but attached is a 24" LED (as secondary). I am running Windows 10 with Intel graphics.

My problem is that Xonotic opens only on the laptop's built-in screen, and I haven't found a way to move the game over to the external screen. Even in windowed mode it jumps back to the primary screen if I try to change the resolution. Also, even in windowed mode on the secondary screen, the maximum resolution available in-game is 1366x768 and not the screen's native 1920x1080. For obvious reasons I do not want to play on the built-in screen, and setting the external screen to be my system-wide primary is not a long term or productive fix. I need to have Xonotic open on the secondary screen and I have a feeling I am just missing something.

There doesn't seem to be a post which solves this, and the solution at does not work for me as I do not see "xonotic-sdl.exe" in the main folder or any subfolder. I also do have a mouse cursor, so I do not know if the problem is related to that user's issue.

Is there any setting somewhere that I have to adjust in order to force the game to open (and stay) on the second screen, at its native maximum resolution? If not, any suggestions?

In case you don't already know this, you can change the resolution with the following commands in the in-game console:

vid_width 1920
vid_height 1080

Alternatively, you can change the values in (\users\user\saved games\xonotic\data\)config.cfg

I don't have any experience with multiple monitors (or Windows).
On Linux, I would use the devilspie tool to manage custom window settings,
I'm sure there are similar window management tools for Windows.

Thank you sev. I did not know of these, and it brings me one step closer to a solution - much appreciated.

Although this has to be done in windowed mode to work for me, it is a very dirty "almost-fix" for my problem. I have now set the actual vid_width to 1022 and the actual vid_height to 1918 (to compensate for the pixel values of the window borders, titlebar and taskbar on my system's second screen). I can disable the second screen's taskbar when playing Xonotic, which is not ideal, as I need this for productivity otherwise.

All in all your suggestion does give me a way to fill my second screen, but to be honest I really want to run it without the on-screen distractions that a titlebar, window borders (and taskbar if not disabled) brings to the experience. My Linux PC's motherboard got fried due to a power surge last year and I have not replaced it yet, so Windows it is for now. I did use devilspie then, but have not found a decent equivalent for Windows (free or open source at least).

One more noteworthy thing to mention - I have always found that running any game in full screen mode yields a noticeably higher FPS vs running it in a window, as experienced on Intel and NVidia graphics - something I am also noticing on my current system when using your suggested method.

In order to fully solve this problem, I would still want to find a solution to open Xonotic in true full screen mode on my second screen (I have added "in full screen mode" to the subject line to reflect this).

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