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Xonotic Duel World Cup 2016 - Top 5 Interviews

Hey guys!

Xonotic Duel World Cup 2016 is just around the corner and thimo surprise us once again with more awesome stuff! He took some time off and talked with some of the players in the community about their predictions for the top 5 placements.
Scroll down to check out what they think!

[Image: 112.gif] Finko:

thimo: finkooo! my friend! comrade!
thimo: how is life on mossycow
thimo: chillin' on the red square?
Finko: yo, no, just rolling in Heroes of Storm ;p
thimo: I have a question for you! Who you think gonna be on top5 in the upcoming world cup of xonotic 2016?
Finko: Too many good players atm, so need some time to think.
Finko: ZeroQL, Smilecythe, Mossepo, kojn, Mirio.
Finko: But there will be surprises for sure.
Finko: Guys like SPLAT, Islinn, special1 and thimo can say their word.
Finko: kojn and Mossepo have not been playing so much recently, so Mirio or SPLAT have good chances.

[Image: 55.gif] Islinn:

thimo: Who you think gonna be on the top5 of xonotic world cup 2016! =)
thimo: Give me your thoughts
Islinn: Hmm
Islinn: 1. Smilecythe 2. ZeroQL 3. Mirio 4. Cirruz 5. SPLAT
Islinn: Mossepo and kojn are rusty
Islinn: Smilecythe is a definite contender for top 1/2
Islinn: along with zeroql
Islinn: and Cirruz is not far from that
Islinn: SPLAT has gotten extremely good aswell
Islinn: Cirruz is extremely strong atm
Islinn: I wonder how he will perform under pressure

[Image: 136.gif] KojaK:

thimo: Can you give me your top5 of this cup? =) your opinion!
kojn: Sure
kojn: kojn, kojn, kojn, kojn, SPLAT
kojn: in that order
thimo: Big Grin
kojn: ;D
kojn: haha
kojn: really it's a coin flip for ZeRoQL/Smilecythe..I like both, but I go with ZeRoQL just because of better map knowledge I think overall.
kojn: so top5 would be: 1. ZeRoQL 2. Smilecythe 3. Cirruz 4. SPLAT 5. Mossepo
kojn: Although the 3-5 could be mixed up

[Image: 55.gif] Cirruz:

thimo: Sir, tell me your opinion about top5 placements in upcoming Xonotic Duel World Cup 2016!
Cirruz: good evening thimo
Cirruz: my personal guess for top 5 in the following order:
Cirruz: 1. Smilecythe 2. zeroql 3. thimo 4. Mossepo 5. kojn
*He had to go, so the conversation was this short*

[Image: 55.gif] Mirio

thimo: Hey Mirio! How are you this fine evening? Tell me your top5 for the upcoming Xonotic World Cup!
Mirio: oh dear
Mirio: 1. Smilecythe 2. zeroql 3. Mirio 4. SPLAT 5. KojaK
Mirio: I guess
thimo: You are one of the biggest icon in this scene so I trust you will be warmed up when the time comes 8-)

[Image: 55.gif] Halogene

thimo: May I bother you for a sec or two?
thimo: Maybe less, maybe more
halogene: i'm here!
thimo: Who will make it to the top 5 in Xonotic Duel World Cup 2016?
halogene: 1. Smilecythe 2. Mossepo 3.KojaK 4. Cirruz 5. Mirio
halogene: That would be my bet

[Image: 139.gif] SPLAT

thimo: Hi SPLAT!
SPLAT: hey
SPLAT: whats up
thimo: So who do you think will be be in the top 5?
SPLAT: 1. Smilecythe 2. ZeroQL 3. Mossepo 4. Mirio 5. SPLAT
thimo: you think mossepo can make it that far without practice? he sure have the potential
SPLAT: probably top5 at least
SPLAT: we'll see
SPLAT: itll only add pressure to him
SPLAT: then I can beat him Big Grin
thimo: A lot of people has been voting you to their list when I've been asking around
thimo: Do you think you can manage it all the way to the final even with your ping disadvantage? =)
thimo: Or maybe win the thing?
SPLAT: I think if i play well I can make it very far
SPLAT: but theres a lot of good players who could have a good day

[Image: 51.gif] fzy:

thimo: Tell me your opinion about the xonotic world cup top5? who will make it up there?
fzy: hmm
fzy: wait a second
fzy: Smilecythe, Mossepo, Mirio, kojn, Islinn
fzy: dont know what order
thimo: Smilecythe smashes everyone at least
fzy: yes he wins
fzy: dont know about Mossepo as he hasnt been playing probably

[Image: 41.gif] boomboom:

thimo: hello there doubleboom! Are you here?
boomboom: I'm here
thimo: I have a question for you about the incoming xonotic world cup
boomboom: sure
thimo: who do you think are gonna be on top5?
thimo: you have been in scene for a bit shorter time
thimo: but I think you have already formed some opinions Smile
boomboom: SPLAT for sure
boomboom: Mirio most likely
boomboom: Cirruz and Smilecythe
thimo: can you give a bit more specific list?
boomboom: I can't predict right now who will win. I've seen the state of SPLAT, and right now I think he has the best chance at winning this
boomboom: but I don't know how Mirio is doing or zeroql
boomboom: it can be anyones win at this point
thimo: hehe, ye its a close call this time
thimo: alright well SPLAT for the win here? he's suffering from a slight ping disadvantage
thimo: you think he can still pull this off?
boomboom: He might
boomboom: I've seen his duel with zeroql today
boomboom: he is in a very good shape
thimo: SPLAT rockin' it with his 110 ping!
boomboom: On the other hand, I dont know about Mirio since I've heard he is trying to change his style a little bit=)
thimo: haha, he always finds a way to do something that is SO 'out there'
thimo: using crylink long range, snipes with hagar, maybe he will soon run backwards
boomboom: Splat for the first, Zeroql/Smilecythe 2 or 3, Mirio and Cirruz for the rest
boomboom: that is what I think, based on the data I have=)

[Image: 100.gif] thearcoN:

thimo: Tell me your top5 candidates for the world cup of Xonotic 2016!
thimo: Who is gonna rock and who's gonna roll?
thearcon: My top 5/6 would be Cirruz, SPLAT, special1, smilecythe, zeroql, mirio
thearcon: Not in order
thimo: Lets start from top3
thimo: Who do you think?
thimo: you've been around long enough to form an opinion Wink
thearcon: If Cirruz continue as strong as he plays in practice games he will have a great chance to take the first place. If smilecythe and zeroql gets some hours of xonotic down before the tournament it might be hard for Cirruz.
thearcon: I know that special1 has been some afk lately so I don't put him on 1st. place. But who knows, he might surprise bigtime
thimo: he has been winning some top king kong master players in the past, he can surprise many!
thearcon: Cirruz. 2nd. smilecythe. 3/4. zeroql/special1 5th. SPLAT/Mirio

[Image: 136.gif] matuka:

thimo: Who do you think will be in the top 5 in Xonotic Duel World Cup 2016?
thimo: tell me your 5 faves!
matuka: top5, hmm
matuka: i dont know tbh
matuka: kojn and zeroql need to start practicing now if they want top5
matuka: and if they do, it's very likely
thimo: Don't you think Cirruz is strong? he seems to be the folk favourite
matuka: smilecythe, kojn, zeroql, mirio, splat
matuka: providing kojn and zeroql practice
matuka: I've seen zeroql popping in and having decent games vs. splat
matuka: kojn on the other hand does not practice
matuka: and because kojn plays a much lower-score game, it's hard to keep track of just how well he's actually doing
matuka: he plays more reserved when it comes to the score, he's not always in a rush to destroy people
matuka: cirruz is one of those people that comes out of nowhere and surprises people
matuka: definitely an underdog and I'd put him in the top8
matuka: he's a very good strafer and has solid aim

[Image: 51.gif] thimo:

My opinions on the last spot. Lots of new dogs in the house, which is really cool to see! I have heard thearcoN has given some good results vs some of the top players recently! boomboom and dekrY - the raising stars that I've struggled to play many times, had some overtime duels with both of them! Ploplo with his crazy strategies
also gave me hard fights on all maps we played. But is their fragpower enough to make a surprise?

I think YES, for one particular player; which is thearcoN. On a good day and with some luck (sorry man Big Grin), he can definitely make it to top5. Another underrated player that i personally would want to speculate to top5 is specialone. His style has proven to be very difficult to counter for many top-tier players in the past, so I think he's gonna make it far in this one. Maybe even as far as semi-finals and who knows, if he has a good day and a spot-on performance just on right time, maybe all the way to the end! I trust you, my friend.

The most voted top3 basically remains as the definite favorites of this cup, the ones to spectate at and admire. As I've seen Cirruz performing some 50-frag duels vs decent skilled guys, I am also raising him as one of the favorites to win this cup.

There are some players that i know has the potential to win every single contender, but goddamn these lazy-arsch guys doesnt even practice! I'd like to name Mossepo and kojn as
players, who would be top3 in my books normally, but the lack of practice will reduce their rank probably out from top5. Though, i hope you guys prove me wrong!

So i'am gonna name these masterful, greatest, incredibly strong individuals to the top5 list of mine:

1. Smilecythe
2. ZeroQL
4. Cirruz
5. special1

Smiley and ZeroQL, well these guys surely has everything one needs to win this. The Two Titans in this game for sure, the ones to beat. Of course my fellow finn will win this, its Winland, after all Wink

I'd like to put SPLAT on final, but oh my buddy splatty, he has to play all games with a ping disadvantage as he is representing the north american duelling scene. Skill-wise, you'd make
it there! On next World Cup, c'mere to europe, you gonna smash em all!

Also few players who can make it to the semis, is ofcourse Mirio, Islinn and thearcoN! He is gonna be a player to look at on this cup. Also, why has nobody mentioned the neederlandje koekje-star Dodger? I think he is a very strong player and surely has the potential to get to the top8 no problem!

Thats about all. I hope the 'SHORT INTERVIEWS ABOUT TOP5' didnt turn into a too long book for you all to read.

Have a nice and fun cup with a good competitive spirit. Obey your DICKtators, your godly admins thearcon and mirio..and meWink. Let the games begin and mortal combat theme play on the background!

With love and best wishes to the greatest FPS scene of all time,

- thimo

Thank you thimo for taking time for these interviews and I hope you guys are getting ready for one awesome tournament!
[Image: 65153.png]

Gotta say that I had thimo as 2nd in my original prediction. Tongue But he might not play so.
[Image: 21.png]
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He will play Wink .. I hope!
[Image: 65153.png]

Gotta add that my bet was actually not in any specific order. If I had to order it I would place Mirio a bit more up. And cirruz too, along with kojn and mossepo. Smilecythe is currently my top favorite for 1st place.
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<ZeRoQL> i think i got 1 proper quad and that cunt halogen fuck me over with a laser

Funny how you change your mind Big Grin It is not easy to make a top 5 list.

It was a big honor to be 1st (somewhere finaly) in this list of xonotic analysts. We need online page with bets :p
<machine> dude, i know i suck Smile
<OHSNAP! Mossepo> but you dont like finko-suck, u have potential to be good
Diomedes: Finko: You are the most intelligent guy in this community.

Ofcourse, deep respect for Finko!

(03-14-2016, 11:14 AM)thearcoN Wrote: thearcon: Cirruz. 2nd. smilecythe. 3/4. zeroql/special1 5th. SPLAT/Mirio

Great interviews. I absolutely agree with thearcon. Might not be a popular opinion for that first, but from what I've seen for the past and this week, this is how it looks, provided that Cirruz can do as well under pressure.

1st. ZeroQL. Srbija. Period. Big Grin
erebus minstanex erebus Angel

thimo pley ).

Good interviews, was surprised by some of them.. Wink
The top5 mostly seem to consist of players with more experience and map knowledge, but still some surprising people in there.
Let's see what the outcome will be though... :>
[Image: 9214.png]

my tip is:

1> Smilecythe - best movement and player overall, he'll just ban hub vs ZeroQL
2 > ZeroQL - strong player with an amazing nex, what can you expect?
3 > Kojn - a very good quality tactical player who will show his power, third place for sure.
4 > Mirio - with his tea he will make it to top 10!
4 > SPLAT - due to his ping, he deserves 4th place Big Grin but no doubt, there are better players Tongue
5 > Cirruz - well, as Smilecythe said, "I can beat him even with headache", therefore 5th place.

and the rest - islinn, special1 .... we know these names, top 10 no doubts.

but it also depends on how players can face stress and hadle pressure, money is money Big Grin

And tha, me.. I won't make it much further. My nervous system is limited for this. As thimo said, I will drop things off the table Big Grin

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