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[NEED HELP] Server uses 40% CPU whereas Nexuiz server runs with max 10%

I am currently running a nexuiz server on my raspberry pi 3 which uses at most 10% CPU.
Now I would like to switch to a xonotic server, so I cloned it from github, I ran ./all update -l best, compiled it with ./all compile -r dedicated and now I run it with ./all run dedicated.
Everything seems to work fine, the only problem is that the server uses 40% of my CPU although it's only me vs a bot.

So my question is, did I do something wrong or is there something I can do to decrease the CPU usage?

Have you tried it without bots and monitored the CPU?

Right now if I run the server, no bots no players on it, it uses 35 to 50% of my CPU.
No clue what I am doing wrong...
And as I said, the nexuiz server with 10 bots on it never used more then 10 or maybe 15% of my CPU...
edit: was mistaken here it's a bit more then 10 to 15% with 10  bots but still way better then the xonotic server...

Are you using the 0.8.2 release, or are you running one of the autobuilds?

0.8.2 has known CPU speed issues in certain cases, particularly with bots.

In the Xonotic directory, go into misc/tools/rsync-updater/ and run ./ to update the install to the latest autobuild version.

There's also a ./ which will bring you back to 0.8.2 if you run it now, or to whatever the latest release version (eg: if 0.8.3 got released, you could run the sdcript and it'd get you 0.8.3).
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tested both, doesn't change anything. uses 40% CPU on both...
but thanks for showing me those scripts, didn't know they exist.

Anymore ideas?
Would love to host a xonotic server but right now it seems impossible...

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