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[BUG] *ubuntu 18.04/nVidia v415-Desktop Screen Corruption After Exiting Game?


Superb free FPS for my Linux.

Running current Xonotic on a desktop with the following specs:
- Kubuntu 18.04 LTS 64Bit (fully updated)
- Intel Core i5 3Ghz 4-core CPU
- 16GB RAM
- nVidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GDDR5 GPU with proprietary nVidia display driver v415
(everything about the above system is perfect)

After I finish playing the Xonotic game when I exit game I get a flickering desktop(reboot required)?
Any ideas on how to fix the above?

I am running the SDL version of the game which *should* be working fine?
Also I did not change any of the graphic settings in-game (running default full screen)


PS - I also posted this in the official Kubuntu forums...


As Lyberta said, it may be a driver bug.
It can also be a KDE bug... Plasma always had some kind of issues with nVidia proprietary drivers (because they are closed drivers, it makes debugging quite difficult).

Did you try to Alt+Tab to another application after you quit Xonotic?
If I recall correctly, I had the same flickering issue when I used a nVidia GPU on Plasma, and alt-tabbing fixed it.

Also, make sure the option "Allow applications to block compositing" is checked in System configuration -> Display and Monitor -> Compositor.

Last trick you can try is to manually disable/re-enable compositing when you have a flickering desktop (with Shift+Alt+F12) and see if it fixes something.

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