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[NEED HELP] Xonotic music has Royalty?

I search in the foruns, and found nothing related. And first thing, nice game by the way! (really f&#ing fast! Really Enjoyed!)

The music on Xonotic is Royalty Free, can i use on my Youtube Videos, i need to give the credits to Original Creators, or its just GPL?

Its ok to use or Youtube himself gonna "freak out" with GPL Songs?

Thanks for your time!

Hello. In General, this is the case with licenses:
CC0-work calmly.
CC BY-specify the author, give a link to the source and license.
CC BY-SA specify the author, give a link to the source and license, under the same conditions.
CC BY-NC-SA specify the author, give a link to the source and license, under the same conditions, only non-commercial.
CC BY-NC specify the author, give a link to the source and license, only non-commercial.
GPLv3 is similar to CC BY-SA 4.0 . If you distribute music yourself, then a link to the source file (if there is one) is required
Artistic License 2.0 is compatible with the GPL

See what license the song is distributed under so as not to get confused. And use the music freely.
Heart Heart  С наилучшими пожеланиями! Heart Heart


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