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How popular was Nexuiz?

I ask this because I am not familiar at all with this period: Nexuiz is older than me, and idk how popular were video games 20 years ago.  So when i read that Nexuiz was very popular, i wondered... how?

You might want to check out the discord to get an answer.

(10-02-2020, 12:46 PM)anoob Wrote: You might want to check out the discord to get an answer.

Yes I'm already on it. Didn't think it was more active than the forum Rolleyes

You can check out Rexuiz. I myself never played Nexuiz either but Recuiz claims to aim for similarity. It has about as much players as xon. When you are from Europe you'll most likely find a deathmatch. It's fun. But i miss strafe mechanics.

(10-07-2020, 07:29 AM)NoClue Wrote: It has about as much players as xon.

We can say from verifiable data that Xonotic has about 400 daily active players. Is there such a source for Rexuiz?
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During Nexuiz 2.4.2, I could recall seeing at least a couple hundred players online every time I booted the game up. Jumping into grapple hook CTF normal weapons matches was only difficult because the servers hosting it would always max out. It wasn't in the mainstream, but for an underground FPS it was damn popular. Sadly the game was in a slow decline up to the point of a certain event happening and said event was basically the death of it. Xonotic for whatever reason never gained Nexuiz's playerbase back either, though one could hope it some day does.

Oh wait.

Played it first in 2012 before I disciovered Xonotic and it was pretty busy on the Nexuiz servers. Even when I swtiched to Xonotic, Xon had quite a few players also but the were some kind of great die off around early 2014.
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