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Updated Xonotic gamepacks for NetRadiant and NetRadiant-custom

Xonotic 0.8.6 has just been released! The Xonotic gamepack received some updates as well.
The NetRadiant and NetRadiant-custom (NRC) prebuilt binaries both include older versions of the Xonotic gamepack.

Here are updated Xonotic gamepacks that can be added manually to your NetRadiant or NRC installation (while waiting for updated binaries):

There are 2 separate gamepacks because NetRadiant-custom uses a different version of q3map2 than upstream NetRadiant and I included Garux's adjustments to the build menu.

You don't need to download these gamepacks if you're compiling NetRadiant from source, as the latest version of the gamepack is retrieved during a typical NetRadiant compilation.

However, if you're using the Radiant pre-built binaries, you can simply download the gamepack, unzip it and move the contents to the appropriate locations:
  • Move games/ to [Radiant_install_directory]/gamepacks/games/
  • Move the directory and its contents to [Radiant_install_directory]/gamepacks/

It might be possible to use other level editors such as DarkRadiant or Trenchbroom to create Xonotic maps.
I tried the unofficial gamepack for Trenchbroom a while back, but couldn' t get the textures to display in the viewport.

If anyone knows how to set up other map editors for Xonotic and can provide instructions and gamepacks, please feel free to share them in this thread!

Trenchbroom has no patch support, basically any existing map you open will be broken or does not even work in the first place. You could in theory however create maps with it from scratch.

It is nice for Quake 1 but beyond that I would say it still has a long way to go.
Visit our clan website:

iirc for openarena they were able to get patches to show up, but not edit or make them.

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