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[SUGGESTION] Variations in CTF, like manual flag return

Daisy (a player on the HOCTF server) had an interesting idea that I would try out. Instead of having your flag automatically and instantly return to base when you grab it, you would have to manually return the flag to base. I'm not suggesting this for default CTF gameplay, but for an optional cvar.

I wouldn't mind seeing some other ideas for variations of CTF gameplay. I think traditional Capture the Flag, the outdoor game some of us played as kids, used a prison system for detaining players and you had to free your players. Something like that.

I don't know how many of these traditional capture the flag game variations could
be applied to a video game, but it's worth experimenting.

Good idea!

(09-16-2010, 11:32 AM)Dokujisan Wrote: I wouldn't mind seeing some other ideas for variations of CTF gameplay. I think traditional Capture the Flag, the outdoor game some of us played as kids, used a prison system for detaining players and you had to free your players. Something like that.

In this case we must have a "ROOOAAARRR" button that players can press who are in prison!! Wink

I would disagree with the prison idea (what happens if everyone is in prison?) but manual flag return could be an interesting mutator/cvar (however, this means no swooping in at the last second, fragging fc, returning flag and picking up enemy flag).
(07-18-2010, 10:59 AM)Flying Steel Wrote: How could anyone with ADHD tell its a high damage weapon if it wasn't a gigantic metal cock fucking the map whenever a player gets within 3 meters of a wall?

[Image: di-712770583645.png]

Well, one would actually have to think about what happens if you carry both flags...

Suggestion 1: Make it impossible to carry 2 flags (this way you need better teamplay or simply more players to make that happen)
Suggestion 2: Having two flags is not affecting anything
Suggestion 3: Having two flags gives you either a) an advantage b) a disadvantage (but which ones??)

Suggestion 2: Having two flags is not affecting anything <-- This one, keep it simple already would be hard enough returning both flags back.

After that I'd pick suggestion 1, and say make it like 6v6 ctf for example, you'd need decent enough sized maps though, so I prefer option 2 Smile

P.S I like the idea, it's a new twist on the game-mode and a simple idea, always the best Smile
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Overall I like the suggestion of having to manually carry your flag back. It will lead to some interesting play - good and bad.

Good: FCs that get their flag all the way back to their base before getting killed will have a much better chance of helping their team score, as it will require much more than just touching the flag to bring it back to base.

Bad: A team member returning the flag can instead choose not to return it, but instead hide w/ their flag in a well-protected position. This happens today in a much less impactful way - players choose not to return their flag but leave it wherever the FC died (moving it around slightly w/ laser, etc).
asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

Antibody is right, such system have hole for griefiers and clueless player can pick up flag and don't know what to do with it.

Instead I would add pick up timer so flags are not returned instantly on touch but you have to be near it for few seconds, without enemies around. That would allow for some interesting fights over the flag in other areas than bases. It could also lower advantage attackers have on FC death, its much easier to pick up flag from enemy FC than from your own.

I like the idea of returning flags manually - I think that could make the game less chaotic (that's for good I think).

I don't know what to think about the idea of players being in prison as sometimes it may lead to situations when one player gets inprisoned at the beginning of the match and he can't do nothing about it, and he spends the rest of the match in prison which obviously isn't that fun (but may make the player learn not to get inprisoned again)

Both modifications seem interesting and I would definietely want to try them out if I had such a possibility
I'm making Liblast - a FOSS online FPS game made with Godot 4 and a 100% open-source toolchain

I think the manual return flag option would be a great twist for pro ctf matches, how it would work on pubs would make it even more imbalanced, since the winning team would just be able to frag their way to a cap much easier.
No matter where you go, there you are.


So this would be like keyhunt except you can only meet in a designated area? (base)

Sounds more like a kh mutator than a ctf one.


Manual flag return should be interesting. But DON'T make it so you can have both flags, cause that woud discourage teamwork. Basically lone CTF cappers could still cap all alone without the help of the team.
Especially strong ones with good aim and all. They'd take the enemy flag first, and if their own was taken they would hunt that person down, take flag and go home to score.

I often do the similar thing. If our flag is taken and no one in my team can return it (or I get impatient) I (even though I have the enemy flag) go to the enemys base and kill the eFC, return flag and score.
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I like the idea of different CTF styles, but there will be some stuff to be done to avoid abusing some modes: i.e. someone figured he can get the flag back by jumping into the void or deep lava.

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