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weapon models

Only thing I can think of that would be a useful add on to that model is a front site.

Oh wait.

A sight would be more appropriate than a laser of known length Tongue

the sight isnt supposed to be used for aiming. it is supposed to be part of the "laser guided missile" system. the reason it is finite length is because it is only in the visible spectrum for a short amount of time, before it is no longer visible to the human eye. I also did it in terms of practicality.

now that is cleared up, if you still want me to remove it, i will.

and it has a sight. the laser is just above it.
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The camping rifle magazine __must__ be in a bullpup (though with LONG barrel) configuration (like the current one is) or in a side magazine configuation (like the original camping rifle was) ... but bullpup makes the most sence.

That is unless you have no respect for the originators of the camping rifle, or its function (an untracable sniper rifle), which you probably don't.

It would be nice if the tracer smoke on the camping rifle was disabled in xonitic: the whole point of the camping rifle was to NOT be the nex: to be an untracable sniper rifle like in unreal and unreal tournament.

Nice to have lots of gpl models btw, this way even if they're not used for one gun, they can always be repoupoused for another gun.


(04-18-2010, 01:03 PM)theShadow Wrote: the reason it is finite length is because it is only in the visible spectrum for a short amount of time, before it is no longer visible to the human eye.
I've never seen a real laser do that Tongue I'd prefer it with no laser.

Your models look fantastic, I've been wondering tho, seems to me they might all look very similar from player pov, wouldn't they? IMO I think you should think a bit more what the weapons will look like from player pov, for example, vbraun suggestion is a pretty good one imo to make the nex model a bit more interesting when seen from 1st person view, if anything it would make it more unique compared to other weapons.

Otherwise nothing to mention, keep up the good work, sir.

but... this is the FUTURE!! lol.

ok, I will remove it. i was making an attempt at having the model reflect the function, but I guess it really just doesn't make sense from a practical perspective.

mikee: generally, insulting people isn't a very good way of getting people to listen to your ideas, m'kay?

EDIT: Nifrek, didn't see you there, you little ninja. I will take that into account.
Master of mysterious geometries

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wohoo theShadow,great work! Smile

Peeps should make tons of diffrent models so that when a programmer makes a new weapon he can look through all the unused-yet gpld models and select one, then it can be textured.

Faster way to get weapon ideas done!

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