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[SUGGESTION] Show forum moderation team

There should be some way to get a hold of the moderation team on the forum. Right now i can only find "Member List / Show Forum Team" ( ) but that seems to only show the Forum Admins. Would it be possible to add the forum Mods too?
Or do you feel that the "report post" is enough to get in touch with them/us?
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On most forums that I've been on there is a list and the moderators have the title of moderator. Just sayin'
Sorry, my point of saying that was to mention that there should be some sort of title involved.

One more edit: Titles for moderators are justified because of the fact that some of the people newer here wouldn't know where to find the moderator list. If they see a moderator with a title then they know that they are a moderator. Or some sort of tag/symbol or something to make them recognizable. Sort of how Doku's name is green.

But a title is useless if you can't SEARCH (also need to know it first) people that have that title, in case you need help or want to complain about someone. So a simple list is more useful. I'm just not familar with MyBB and have no idea if thats easily possible.
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Well I wasn't saying go title and no list. I was sort of implying to do both.

Also, you wouldn't have to incorporate the list with MyBB. The list could simply be a part of the Xonotic team list. Sort of like how we have the Developers list.

I haven't really seen any trolling around here (yet, maybe raise some hell! lol), so I don't think they have even thought to grab a few mods. It would be a good idea to keep a few moderators around though.

There are already moderators. Esteel is just making the point that there needs to be a list so that people know who to contact.

Actually i think such a list ONLY makes sense when its part of MyBB. If some guy is having problems with the forum or something that relates to the forum (a troll, some post, whatever) where will he BE? In the forum. An external list is hard(er) to maintain, is an extra abstraction and its off-site.
Also there already is some way to get a list of moderators.. i can see the others in the ModCP. But i think a list available to all would be good.
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I completely agree. I was trying to say that if it would be to difficult, that is another option. =)

Or why not just make it part of contact us? That's where I would go first to get into contact with the mods.

I don't think MyBB has the option to display the moderators. But we might find a way to do that.

Without looking it up, I think the forum moderators right now are:
me, -z-, mand1nga, tZork, CubeOwl, DivVerent, Diabolik and esteel

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