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Nexrun video by kojn

Hey guys, this is a nexrun video done by me, it's kind of unfinished but not due to lack of effort, had to clear room of my HDD, and premiere pro 2 just completely screwed my video up no end, I will NEVER use this version of premiere again in the future it will only be a stable new version of the program (laughs).

Anyway, because of premiere's stupidity the music is out of synch in some area's but it's still a nice watch I guess, I will never get to correct any of the problems of this video, lot's of fast cut's due to the stupid 'suicide in 3 second' message as soon as a map was completed on most maps, fortunately thats been removed now from the game-mod so will be much better for my next nexrun video (will be all hunnybunny's runs only).

Video is meant to have a very dark & bright colourscheme/atmosphere, if you don't like I am sorry, texture missing bottom corner..problem in nexuiz, and plain text as a template.

I hope you enjoy this anyway, everytime I make something I learn something new or more, next video shouldn't take too long due to the nexuizdemorecorder working in Xonotic and I now have my OWN PC so I have no problems with recording footage overnight or in my spare time.

Video will be up in about 1hr time from me making this post, is the MQ version, HQ version tomorrow. File size is 128/135MB big so if it's less then 128mb, it's still uploading Tongue

If I typed the name wrong, then go to and just find it and download Smile

Hope you enjoy what I managed to do, and I look forward to releasing a video with no problems in the near future.
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OMG ,Big Grin ... WAIT... HIS 2ND....



ahhh thats betTeR




Erm, I have a new task for you chooksta in regards to music Big Grin

Did you like anyway>?
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I prefer fragmovies but this is a good video of course too. Smile
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kojn , i love ya work , u must do more and at a faster rate , and also try to finish any project that you may of spent alot of hours on(unlike my work , mines is rushed and rougher than sand in a sandwich) , because you are good at doing them , and yes , you know ild be hounered to help anytime bro.



Finally you released it, nice one Smile

Okay either I am now either scared of heights again, boggled at your skill in nexrunning, or dizzy beyond belief.

I am too dizzy to tell.

Great job. Smile
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Here's my opinion:

The quality of the video was good, but please start finally recording your demos in 720p. The video lacks a real in-/outro, it starts immediately with a nexrun after an unoriginal (quiet boring) introduction. By cutting the soundtrack and using the part of the song at about 0:45 you could've given the movie an intresting, vigorous intro by using cinematics. Cinematics, I missed those in the movie. Sure, using first person mirrors the fast nexrun gameplay perfect, but you should've used different camera angles from time to time. You could also have been a bit more creative with the transitions (by e.g. using the masking out tool, or by adding cinematics). But the video cutting was done well imo.

The movie itself suddenly got 10 times better at the 2nd half starting at about 3:40. The slow-mo effect fitted well with the soundtrack. That's btw another situation where cinematics (which could be really simply different camera angles) would have made the athmosphere, the sliding over the blue ocean, again a bit better. The movie itselfs gets way more energetic with the faster getting soundtrack to the end, you really synced it greatly then. I was really disappointed that the movie was suddenly over when I thought that the real action finally begun (especially at 5:00 which is my favourite part since it perfectly fits the soundtrack).

So, my main advices for your further projects would be trying to make better transitions by using different camera angles. This way the video won't get too boring and everything will be way more slick, which is very important for a video imo. The athmosphere will be alot better this way and keep the viewer entertained. You should also start recording your clips in 720p.

Taken together, the movie wasn't bad at all. The 2nd part was even damn good. So all in one, thumbs up.

Links to my: SoundCloud and bandcamp accounts

Thanks for the feedback Fisume, appreciated. I didn't really like 3rd person in nexuiz because it look quite bad (models), but I will try it out for the next video, I will also be definitely recording in HD as my monitor now supports it also so is good for me Smile

Video cut off because of a problem with premiere, it was actually finished but premiere was causing all kinds of problems I think it was a problem with me rendering multiple parts and I didn't have time to try fix it so apologies.

Thanks for feedback anyway will use for the next video Smile
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Race is not exactly my cup of tea.
But, once again, the music you picked makes the whole thing very cool to watch.
"Once again" because I just loved the Black Sun Empire song you used in another movie.

ty kojn, gj
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Video quality is amazing, the effect of speed is impressive. How fast do you record the demos ?
Like Mirio I'm more into Frag Movie but this vid is relaxing.
I hope we will see this quality on a frag movie soon =)

I would have liked an end. The video stops too abruptly. It's pity.
Anyway, good work. I await the next.
Awesome, did Qz show you that ?
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