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Poll: Do you still play Nexuiz
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Is anyone still playing Nexuiz?

Just wondering how many of you are still playing on Nexuiz servers until Xonotic gets released? I haven't played in months due to my schedule, but I was just wondering how many of you guys decided to stop playing Nexuiz after what happened and wait for Xonotic.

Yep, sometimes.
Xonotic Assasins!

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<Liquid-Sin> no cookies for me?
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<Liquid-Sin> my luck...

Everyday. DCC. NK.

Haven't played in a while due to circumstances. Will pickup when Xonotic is released.

I am and just waiting for xonotic =)

Not really, but mostly due to the amount of time I have. I enjoyed it while I played it though.
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well, not really. I stopped playing actively around 2.0 :O

Played some Nexuiz today.. Some instagib mod. It was fun Smile I remember this map which I last played last year, I really enjoyed that one.
Xonotic Assasins!

Quote:<tChr^nsb> home
* pughar gives tChr^nsb a cookie
<Liquid-Sin> no cookies for me?
<pughar> gave the last one to him Smile
<Liquid-Sin> my luck...

Nexuiz created me; i'm like Duffman from The Simpsons. But without the cape.
Of course, i'm playing!
4m038105 - Be the change.

Almost every day in MIT or f10 or BC servers Tongue
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Almost every day. I need to slow down though. It's taking up my time =P

A lot. Mostly DM. I like the game.......... and like the people. When the people leave, that's when I will leave.

I'm still playing almost every day. HOCTF, HODM, Batcaves, f10 Pwn Zone, Nexuiz Ninjaz Race, and Dietunichtguten.

Nexuiz isn't dead... yet.

I play Nexuiz at the library sometimes, because my computer is b0rken. Moore's law says I'd rather buy a whole new machine than pay $250 for a replacement motherboard for that old thing anyway.
My will be done.

still playin.
[?] - #kwestion @quakenet

Yeah, still playing too...

But I play CTF, sometimes DM.
Nexrun will be very intresting with new teleporters! Big Grin

still plinking away with my laser!
This is my laser, this is my gun,
This is for plinking, this is for FUN!

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Yep. I wouldn't say every day, but pretty much 5 out of 7 days a week, on HOCTF or DieTunichtGuten.

Camping nerds and their xons....

Yep. Spring break just arrived and I suddenly have time for it. Won't stop until Xonotic is out. So addicting!

I still play, usually on the Nexrun server.
[Image: 370.png] AKA [~] John Smith on Nexuiz

I rarely play, but I do occasionally. Like maybe once a month or so.
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ai am ai.

Fix the avatar size limit please! I want my avatar gifs back! DISCRIMINATION!
Also, change my name to 'ai', these forums sucks which can't have 2 letters in the nick!

I play as usually, not every day, twice a week maybe. Mostly DCC.


Maybe played Nexrun once or twice since we got to know about Illfonic, but reason is not related to that in any way. I simply have lost interest/am too busy right now, so I'm voting for no. I hope to make an epic comeback when my tests are over, in 2 weeks Smile
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yeh... i play, not as often as i used to (used to be a total gaming freak, wooha), but still maybe 3 hours a week.... sometimes more, sometimes less.....

maybe the new xonotic will get me playing some more (fresh maps, gamemodes, gameplay)

(03-28-2010, 07:08 AM)morfar Wrote: well, not really. I stopped playing actively around 2.0 :O
Let me just say that I played Nexuiz SVN more or less every day, testing the games new features and bug fixes. Smile
Though I was not actively playing online as I did before 2.0.

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