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After an git update, all Nexuiz server can't be used.

It is exciting to see the xonotic discard the nexuiz servers. But there are too few xonotic servers. As far as I can see is one DM server. I hope there are more git server built.

Well for now you can change the "all" script to go back to the old behavior..
or wait for a 0.9 beta release as i doubt it makes very much sense to have lots of servers before?!?
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I think you can test offline. Smile

Thats not as much fun as playing with others Tongue
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That's why i setup the test server.. I'll update it regularly to keep track of development and as a testing ground.. Have fun.

BTW: nexuiz and xonotic being incompatible is nessecary. There have already been some protocol changes iirc which causes nexuiz clients to drop from a xonotic server. Test it by connecting to directly with nexuiz. Enter


in the console..
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Hmm, i can't remember any truly incompatible change so far.. (except registering at the master server with a different name..) so i really don't understand why a nex client should be dropped by a Xonotic server. Do you have an error message?
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What is the official stance, anway?

Is Xonotic a new game, with only limited relation with nexuiz? will it explore new features and ideas? seem so. New animation with different frames will break compatibility, but other than that... I don't see what else may break compatibility... at first.

And breaking compatibility is a bad thing. But doing so "free" the ability to upgrade the protocol and add lots of nice things and ideas. But on the other hand, both games will share the engine. Both will use DarkPlaces engine. And It will be a good idea to continue like that forever, since that way, Xonotic gets for free any enhancement on DarkPlaces.

So is see exciting oportunities that are not really there, and a break of compatibility that is not really needed,... yet, but will be in the future.

The cool thing would be for Nexuiz to die, and Xonotic be just the "continuation" of Nexuiz. I suppose once the war fog clear, It will be visible what this things result. Hell.. both projects can continue, and canivalize each another ideas and features. Like KPDF and Evince, ... Evince started as a fork of KPDF. Now everybody uses Evince has it is sexy and easy to use, KPDF is butt ugly. But Evince can learn from KPDF upgrades and things. It pays to stay "friend" to the old codebase. Is cool to break things to achieve things. But breaking compatibility for the sake of it is very expensive. And maybe is needed, since Xonotic really is taking a interesting position as a reboot of Nexuiz, so breaking things could be part of the "growing pains" we have to expect from this.


Xonotic tries to free us from centralized management so that an other "IF incident" can't happen again without involving everyone (and everyones OK) and also put the community more at the center of the whole thing. So the structure of the team will be different and OFC the content needs to be different too at certain points. So in the long run it will shape a very different game then Nex was..
And as it seems right now the only people still working on Nex are Vermeulen and LordHavoc.. unless they find a new team there just will not be something to keep compatible to.
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Other than maps/ map entities names, maybe?

I am not sure it wasn't a misconfiguration error on my part. But i saw some people with nexuiz connect to my server and they get dropped with a "Server message error" or something similar.. I oculdn't reproduce, but i suspected it was a protocol change of some sort..
He can talk the talk, but can he caulk the caulk?

Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Bad server message

2.5.2 client

Even on a decentralized development *somehone* has to know if that is a error or the expected result. So is either: a) a error, it sould connect, b) not a error...but the message could be better "Nexuiz server are not supported".


Tei, it is likely that compatability will be broken in the future, and yes, a message would be added when that happens. But it was not expected to be broken just yet. As esteel said "i can't remember any truly incompatible change so far.. "

Since lda17 and I are both using same client, it may be some difference in our .cfg causing one to drop and other to not drop.

Well right now it looks like an error to me but i do not have time to look further into it
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I run a git server, for nexrun, and can reliably reproduce this problem by connecting with a 2.5.2 client, but, (pasta from irc)

i have not updated progs or csprogs for a while (3 weeks i think) - now, if i join and press f6 (team_auto) i get a disconnect with "Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Bad server message" and a packet dump
but, if i manually type team_auto, it joins just fine
i can then use spec/f6 as much as i want with no problem

EDIT: will try to isolate the commit responsible when I get a chance.. but right now, need sleep Confused
EDIT 2: could someone explain why typing a command, vs hitting a key bound to that command, would give different results?

Can you please make the packet dump available? I'm sure people like DivVerent or LordHavoc can analyse it..

Its also funny, the SVN/git Nex checkout i had running on (which i got reports about similar problems..) was also a bit old and the last engine change it had was the warpzones. Whats the engine revision you use for your nexrun server?
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Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage: Bad server message
Packet dump:
0000:07C4C2C5 410F8000 000000C2 330A0203 .DBEA.<....B3...
0010:0F000100 0033280F 33290F03 2E475D57 .....3(.3)...G]W
0020:00390B00 00000000 00000100 D6989001 .9..........V6[.
0030:00007844 0000C0C2 1E859043 00000040 ..xD..@B..[C...@
0040:00000220 02100000 40206300 DD510400 ... ....@ c.]Q..
0050:C0000000 000D0220 016600CD D0094CFD @...... .f.MP.L}
0060:21FF0000 0C200201 0100166C 00C9C001 !<... .....l.I@.
0070:0C200163 00020080                   . .c...<

DP is current git (as of 1-04-2010 @ 0019 UTC +10) (last revision was Mon, 29 Mar 2010 07:43:07 +0000)

several packet dumps here:

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