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[SUGGESTION] Orange base and blue base instead of red and blue base?

Hey, I've got an idea, how about changing the default color of the red team into orange, this fits the style of Xonotic better.

Blue and Orange do have an even better contrast then Blue and Red.

It's called a complementary contrast Big Grin

It's easy because we already have an orange skin color for the models, only the flag needs to be recolored.

[Image: smallcomplements.jpg]


I like this idea, it would be interesting to see how this would work out ingame.

Blue and red is so cliche, we need to be different Big Grin

Blue was always less visible (this was worked around by using those glowing skins). I always thought green and orange, or cyan and pink, or yellow and pink.

On another note the Strength color needs to be changed so that it does not match either team, it's relatively common to shoot your team-mate if you are on red and he has strength (inverse is true with shield).

So I would vote yes to color change, not sure if orange/blue is the best though.

I am opposed to change.

Also, orange is one of the ugliest colours including pink.
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Team oriented games have been red vs blue since the beginning Big Grin so no to orange or pink or cyan or w/e
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Green vs. violet


here's an idea. we keep blue and red, and then add 2 more bases for orange and green.

4 way CTF anyone?
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I like that.
(08-10-2012, 02:37 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: Cloud is the new Web 2.0. It makes no damn sense to me.

Orange is usually used for high visibility (fullbright servers, etc). Does this give blue players a significant advantage over their orange counterparts?
[Image: vN3NkMA]
(Idea stolen from Mr. Bougo. Hehehehe)

I am in support of this. I dislike the red and blue skins, makes the models look like toy soldiers. Tongue
Now maybe with a bit more orange/cyan theme instead of red/blue the situation could be much better...
Also, WTF is with yellow and pink? Tongue
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Orange and Cyan FTW! Better than mine Tongue

yeah that's what I ment, cyan and orange.

but some maps need a color correction too.

I think I've posted on the boards maybe once, so who knows if my opinion counts for anything, but I strongly agree with this idea.

It could be bright blue or cyan for the "cool color temperature" team, but either way the colors pop more than blue and red (hopefully the color change will migrate over to the logo. The umber phoenix looks a little sickly - orange would give it some vitality, some heat.)

Orange and cyan! Yay!

I also think that quad-ctf would be an interesing idea worth some testing.

For four teams, colors maybe like those?

.png   quadCtfXonotic.png (Size: 2.33 KB / Downloads: 141)
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I don't exactly know what colors I want, but it should be others. Players are less visible in Xonotic than in Nexuiz, and that gives quite some aiming problems, so I think there should surely change something in the colours.

But 4 teams, I don't know if that's fun, which flag should you ever pickup? And what if you team has 2 or 3 fc's? Than scoring could go very fast. It would give a lot of problems, 4 teams CTF.

I like the orange and cyan idea, they have better visibility and the style of this game warrants it. Red and blue don't have as much visibility.

Oh wait.

Quote:Also, orange is one of the ugliest colours including pink.
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(06-05-2011, 03:42 PM)PinkRobot Wrote:
Quote:Also, orange is one of the ugliest colours including pink.

I knew I'd find you here Tongue
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(06-05-2011, 01:50 PM)Mepper Wrote: And what if you team has 2 or 3 fc's? Than scoring could go very fast. It would give a lot of problems, 4 teams CTF.

Then all three other teams will hunt you down. Actually 4-way ctf works better than it seems.
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I agree with this, but good luck finding good color values that will look good for both regular skins AND fullbright skins.

Here's an example of some orange I quite like on a fullbright model and... what the same color looks like on a regular model...

[Image: orangew.jpg]

Also I have no idea why it comes up pink on the full bright parts of the regular skin, I assume it's because the _glow texture is somewhere mid-gray while the one on fullbright model is completely white. But, no clue.

looks like you found a model-bug nifrek, likely the model's diffuse texture is not black on the glowy parts, witch it needs to be for low to looks right.

Odd. Well I'm currently working on that specific texture, I'll look into it. But indeed iirc the "pants" texture has those parts on it. However I thought that was intended since the glow is not 100% white, so is kinda semi-translucent.

EDIT: Aha, you were right. I'll check the textures of other player models too.


Big Grin but orange is awesome!
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Eh i'm not so sure... This would mean HUGE implications for what we have to do to team code and spawnfuncs and maps and hud code

It would be an insane amount of work to change the team to orange consistently throughout the game, and I personally don't think it's worth it at all when we have many more important things to work on.

Also what FruitieX posted... fucking ridiculous Tongue

Instead of orange, we could use a more orange-y red, and instead of cyan, a more cyan-y blue. Basically, we stay within the range of what one can call red or blue, but make them more intense. Red doesn't HAVE to be #FF0000, neither does blue HAVE to be #0000FF.
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