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[SOLVED] Baaad ping

I already solved this temperature issue. The default vcore was a lot too high and now I downclocked (right word?) it and put a new cooler on the CPU. The temperatures are now about 30 - 40°C.

(09-11-2011, 06:26 PM)tZork Wrote: The max temp for that cpu is around 70c iirc, so your bad ping could quite possibly be the cpu slowing down to avoid frying and then starving the network driver for cpu time. Undo the overclocking (sounds like its fed WAY to much vcore to me, if you want to just tune it down instead of going with default speeds) and try again, or get better a cooling solution.
I exactly suspect that this is causing all the trouble. I´m looking forward to buy a new CPU, Mainboard and RAM but this can last some time... you know I´m still a scholar.Wink
This is the line which the console puts out:
nvidia 10488323 30

CPU which considers 70 C to be overheating? Now that's some news.


@ Maddin
Out of curiosity, did proper cooling/voltage help with the ping issue?

(09-13-2011, 07:59 AM)Lord Canistra Wrote: CPU which considers 70 C to be overheating? Now that's some news.


to compare, the later x6 consider ~60 dgr the limit

intel i5 also consider ~70c "hot". so does the i3-2100 and the 2ghz p4.

Abt 70c is a *very* common max temp for cpus. Its also quite common for ppl to be oblivious abt it (and thus fuck up their overclocking Tongue)

Oh, I see. So i7 must be a toaster then. 920 normally runs at 75C for me under full load, and some other CPUs of that line have even higher "normal" temps.


some i7's (and proly some other very high end cpus) are spec'd to 100c iirc. those are exceptions tough, the norm is ~70. id still try and make it top out on 50-60c - for stability's sake. for example, my i5 runs at 4.6 ghz (with all cores on full load) and tops out at around 65c after abt two hrs of running y-cruncher.

So I experimented with the settings of the CPU (frequency and voltage) but it doesn´t change anything. I more and more think that the CPU is just going to be broken/won´t work correctly anymore.

Don´t get me wrong The CPU didn´t run at 100°C for several months! I set it right right after I mentioned the high temperature.

Hard to see how it can be broken/damaged in a way that only affects ping - but anything is possible i guess. another thing to test is setting cl_maxfpx to some lowish value (like 30 or so) and see if that helps (csqc needs to draw all its stuff each render frame, making eat quite some cpu time at high render speeds). Another test is to connect the puter as directly as possible to the net, eliminate any router/firewall etc.

tZork please read the previous posts, they should answer these two things.

You didn't test either of the two suggestions. What you tried is direct LAN connection to your router and not to the modem (now maybe you have a combo, can't do much then except disable the firewall and every other router component), and setting cl_netfps to reduce the network load. cl_maxfps will reduce the amount of csqc loops I believe, so there will be less CPU load.

Oh sorry for that!

I tried cl_maxfps 30 out but it hadn´t any affect on the ping.

Today I played some matches (with cl_maxfps 0) and some of them were really nice with a ping of 20-50 and some with a ping of 100-300. Both with a little bit of package loss, but nearly every player had that, so that was probably caused by the server.

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