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A space map with a mordor theme, fps improved. Enjoy.

[Image: tYTFzaA]

x-stei6_v1_beta01 02-12-2011 =====> No suicide from falling off anymore .
x-stei6_v1_beta02 03-12-2011 =====> Glowing player added when they come back from the hell.
x-stei6_v2 --------- 26-04-2012 =====> Better spawn points hinded good for duel and easier way to get the quad in the small room

Im now on my phone, so I can't download and play it. But Mordor is a nice theme! Not another facility. And the screenshot looks pretty nice too, but ehm.... Who's that guy with the helmet?


The overall concept is nice! Thumbs up for this! Smile

But it seems like you didn´t worked on the grid and used rotation tools etc... There´s no mapfile, so I only can guess and look at the actual level. I may repeat this many times but IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT! (If this is not the case correct me! Tongue)

I used the grid. I am Happy you like the concept.

It takes a lot to build because of unoptimized vis. I'll share you the link that Madin shared to me:

In game open the console and type: r_drawportals 1
That will show you the portals.

Less portals = more fps

You have tons of small portals. If you use the hint and skip brushes correctly the vis process will take 1min.


If you want help or have any questions search me on irc at #eatseakittens

Hehe, yes, forseti is right. VIS optimization is very important and it needs time to learn how to do it right. It is very important to make small and complicated brush groups detail-brushes. To do so select the brushes and press Ctrl+M. This will avoid that these brushes are implemented in the VIS process.

1 minute is still a very long time, it should last only some seconds, especially in this small map. When you learned nearly everything about VIS then you should set "_blocksize 0 0 0" in the worldspawn settings and create with skip/hint brushes your own portals (which I always do Tongue).

(08-27-2011, 07:20 PM)forseti Wrote: It takes a lot to build because of unoptimized vis. I'll share you the link that Madin shared to me:

Thank you for the tip, i'll read all that about it when I'll be back home in about a week. I had the same problem with my other maps. I saw some weird brushs in other mappers maps and I wondered why to use that. Now I know :-)

(08-25-2011, 09:47 AM)Mepper Wrote: . Who's that guy with the helmet?

That's me when I was young Wink

Final version of that map. Less than 40 minutes to compile, about time Smile
You can download x-stei6 up here at my first post.

Awesome map. I think i noticed some z-fighting in the skybox geometry
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I made a new version that improve the game play. This version is suicide proof at 98% I mean no death from falling. The quad is easyer to grab. The map cannot be played on the tzorg's server because players can lose their weapons. I did not find yet a way to improve FPS without changing the concept but the map run well on recent graphic cards. I got 150 to 300 FPS. You will find the download link at the end of the firspost of this thread.

(11-02-2011, 07:41 PM)Leeloo Wrote: This version is suicide proof at 98% I mean no death from falling.

haha! Amazing idea!
Really nice map. When it comes to fps, on my rather-not-that-new machine i have about 40 fps less then average on most other maps, it drops from about 120 to about 80. Dunno how would it be with any opponents... Anyway, we need more such maps Smile
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