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vintage nexuiz screenshots (2003)

digged this up on my local game portal

text says: another pure DM quake 3 style... it looks like B game... it will incorporate bumpmapping, realtime shadows, 64 players, more than 1000 textures, 20 detailed maps, 40 characters.. hostile clans will fight over areas of a destroyed world, release second half 2004

other ones:


Who needs screenshots from 1.0, 1.2 or the beta when you can play the beta?
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quite fascinating, even if I couldnt get the mouselook to work. the laser is the same model as now and it was actually shooting lasers, also seeing the same maps and textures, hehe interesting

NICE JOB! always wanted to see this ver.
[Image: 10253.png]

Not every map there ended up being released in the final version and a few then died off afterwards. Unfortunately there were also some source issues with one map that made it into 1.0 being released without source, hence it being pulled later. Still, they could be redeveloped now if someone had the interest in them.
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Quote:Still, they could be redeveloped now if someone had the interest in them.

That would be cool. I doubt many people would bother though... This version is long forgotten and many of the classics have already been re-made.

is that what happened to the oil rig one ?

I was looking though old nexuiz releases a while ago and that map popped up ... I haven't seen it anywhere else ...

... yeah ... "most" of the classics have been remade ... although some of the remakes are kinda crappy ... note :: I still haven't seen either of the slime maps remade .. (or bluesky ... but im working on that one)

Speaking of old Nexuiz stuff, I LOVE this track:


Nexuiz had some pretty awesome tracks:

Digital Pursuit- You knew you were in for something cool when you heard this
Thru the Mirror- Fit Downer so well and set a really good tone for players new to the game and was also a perfect match for Bleach, possibly my favorite track in the whole game
Brainsukker- Went very well with the action that happened on Blue Sky in the single player and really got you pumped up as the action got heavy, one of my personal favorites
Calling Bogus- You knew all hell was about to break loose when you started hearing this, matched the Skyway arena very well too
Chaos Fog- Sounds awesome on any action heavy map with lots of spamming in it
Infight- Not too many tracks in gaming suited industrial style arenas like this one did, one of my favorites in the game
Neuronal Diving- Kinda hard to picture playing Aneurysm without this track, also went well with other dark maps and space maps too
Subcities- Perfect for general hell raising
Breakdown Easy- Went really well with maps that had an emphasis on movement, such as Runningman and Runningman Remix
Beast of Insanity- Weird track compared to the rest of the soundtrack, but went really well with Silvercity
Brokenlight- Good track, I personally preferred Digital Pursuit as a menu track but this one was really good in it's own right and would have been awesome if used for maps. Daaaamn, I still remember when blkrbt started posting his tracks
Desert3- I remember it was composed for the Desert Factory map, but ended up being more suited for Starship.
Sixtyfour- This one ended up getting used for Desert Factory and the map's effects got synced to it. Pretty cool
Sixtyfour Revisited- One of my personal favorites, it's a shame that none of the maps with the game used it. Only map I can think of that had it was a rerelease of a Deck 16 ][ port by Mircea Kitsune
Stairs- Friggin epic. Fit the tone of the original stone and wood themed Soylent and made fights on that map more interesting, another one of my favorites
Northern Lights Tutorial Edit- SC0RP finally got a track in this game and damn was it good. Definitely set a good tone for the tutorial map
Ninesix- Probably the only track I don't much care for along with Thunder if you can consider that a track

Daaaamn.... thinking about all of that takes me back to when I was in high school and tech school averaging about three hours of sleep... A WEEK. Killing the very little free time I had going back and forth between clanning in Unreal Tournament 99 SiegeXXL and Urban Terror and then spending the other half of it playing CTF in Nexuiz, particularly grapple hook CTF with regular weapons when it was extremely popular and intense enough to suck the life out of you. Those were easily some of the best moments I've had as a gamer. I miss those days ;_; I would do just about anything to relive that.

Oh wait.

(07-26-2012, 08:23 PM)hutty Wrote: is that what happened to the oil rig one ?

No, I seem to remember that oilrig got broken at some point and nobody was interested in fixing it. The one which had the source missing I can't even remember the name of as everything used to be 'nexdm##' or something. It wasn't really that great a map either so no one really missed it.
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(07-27-2012, 06:58 AM)Lee_Stricklin Wrote: Nexuiz had some pretty awesome tracks:

Stairs- Friggin epic. Fit the tone of the original stone and wood themed Soylent and made fights on that map more interesting, another one of my favorites

This track still gives me goosebumps, probably this track is partly responsible why I fell in love with soylent.
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Broken light and Chaos Fog makes me shiver, such great tracks! Smile

actually i count 5 maps that I haven't seen in the nexuiz 1.5 that I grabbed off sourceforge a while ago ... I'll have to look into them

also ... is moselook not working in this? ow is wine just being itself again ...

also also ... the laser's shot effect is better than the one we have now Tongue

nexdm 3 and nexdm 13 (both are apparently made b zombie) are amazing ... (had to run them in xonotic cause the nexuiz beta was missing all the moving entities) I have no guess why these 2 maps have disappeared ... from other nexuiz releases

Have to try those, are they in a decent scale for Xonotic?

for the most part ... yes ... theres a hallway here and there thats too short ... but besides that they're masterpieces

If someone does want to port (not remake) them for Xonotic you would want to check on sources and licencing. I seem to also remember that 1.0 ended up having some textures that were not correctly licenced and ended up being replaced. You might want to check if newer versions of any of these textures exist just in case.
I'm at least a reasonably tolerable person to be around - Narcopic

I just copied the data.pk3 from the pre-beta build over into Xonotic and wow! I got the old sound effects, old models (environment only) and I think I even experienced some of the old physics.

Some of the maps look really awesome!

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