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Xonotic Duel Commentaries

Hi there, folks of the forum! Here is where you can find my duel commentary series, where I comment on matches between two experienced players.

kojn versus fisume on stormkeep:

Mirio versus PCLizard on downer:

srkdy versus nifrek on aerowalk:

mudkip versus Galtath on bloodrun:

srkdy versus galtath on darkzone:

harry_ftw versus Osiris on SilentSiege:

harry_ftw versus Osiris on fe26:

Bolwind versus Mossepo on Bloodrun

Antibody versus Thimoshia on Silentsiege

Thimoshia versus Antibody on Stormkeep

asyyy^ | are you releated to chuck norris?

The map after on which I won isn't showed of course Smile

Hahahe! Greate jobe everyone!
Cool Commentary, Antibody! I was enjoying it even more then professional Quake 3 arena duels commentarys! It would be of course better to switch the view from one player to another, not to show only one.
Astonishing work! I request more and more!

this is very well done guys , this is the stuff that makes games great , u guys know this!

i loved it , i simply loved it.

needs more please , ty

btw anyone could beat them two players , i could , easy!

ya just need a 58 button mouse and wall hax! Smile

actually ya need practise (boo)

good job anti , best voice over (and the only official one imo) EVER!

i did one once , see if ya can find it , heheheh



Nice job, we want more! Big Grin

Very nice, you have a very good voice for such things Smile

Request for next one: MOAR FRAGS!

Very nice commentary, and wow, I didn't even know Xonotic is THAT fast!
However, here comes the comment that makes this thread another "weapon discussion" one:

The game is still about mortar+nex combo spam Sad
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Yes, mortar nex combo is still really powerfull.

But, I tried just shooting every weapon at your opponent, and he dies way faster then with only nex and mortar. Using nex, mortar, rl, electro and crylink at once is very powerfull, but without doubt impossible if you don't have weaponbinds.

In Xonotic the electro and crylink are usefull now, but since they weren't in Nexuiz many people don't use them. But combos of just a huge amount of weapons do work, and are much more fun than just nex mortar Smile

Not the greatest game to show use of the other weapons I agree.

CB, it's more a case of, everyone uses these the most, and for that reason people's abilities without them are not the best, also on that map - nex + mortar is really good, I have other demo's where I am using RL/crylink when I am out of control but in this match I have access already to the mortar and nex.

On stormkeep, in control = nex + mortar, out of control = RL/crylink Smile

And crylink is a really good weapon to use.

It is just not many people combo with RL/crylink, but I think that is changing now, even I know I have to pick up the other weapons now to do well..also watch PCL if you get the chance, he also uses the hagar the most out of anyone else I seen Tongue

The biggest difference now is, you CAN get back into the match with the other weapons as long as you are patient and skillful (talking about equal'ish ability here between opponents), but in nexuiz you could not really do that hardly, let's not base assumptions on one video either Smile
(11-27-2011, 12:06 PM)Mepper Wrote: In Xonotic the electro and crylink are usefull now, but since they weren't in Nexuiz many people don't use them.

This Smile And that is not a problem with the game, but with the player Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


Thx for the explanation kojn!
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

some player dont combo (me)

rocket is my choice and i did well with it , untill now

just beef the rocket up , thats all i want :p

oh and stick to topic :p

go complian in another section hehehehhe

but yes , a good point regardless



I think you should do my match between me and waterlaz on darkzone -- that was a tense/close match, and we used a wide variety of weapons there -- I was indeed disappointed how little the other weapons are used on stormkeep in that duel, but whatever... It worked for them, and honestly it's quite based on habit/experience.. For these players, they're far less used to the other weapons and thus they simply work worse for them... fisume does use them more than kojn though Tongue

Anyway, here is the link:

Note: It has a very long warmup, it was my first match of the day so yeah.. just skip ahead ~12 minutes or so.

I want to thank Antibody for his efforts with Xonotic videos. Thanks to his comments and his explanations this video is really good. His words are to the point of the action in the duel. I like that, no words are unnecessary. Please continue your efforts for this game and our community Smile
The mind is like a parachute, it only works, if it is open!

Great work, Antibody! Thanks for this great commentary, it's a pleasure to listen to you.
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Yeah, brilliant, but Samual is right, closer matches are more fun to watch Smile (btw, what was your ping and his?)

Also, Nex + Crylink is my preferred defense combo, Nex + GL is my preferred attack. Just saying.

And someday I'm going to move next to the internet hub and actually have games like this reliably Dodgy

(11-27-2011, 06:51 PM)nowego4 Wrote: Yeah, brilliant, but Samual is right, closer matches are more fun to watch Smile (btw, what was your ping and his?)

Also, Nex + Crylink is my preferred defense combo, Nex + GL is my preferred attack. Just saying.

And someday I'm going to move next to the internet hub and actually have games like this reliably Dodgy
iirc I discussed my ping while warming up... but, I think it was in the 150 range -- his was in the 30-50 range I think... I dunno, you can clearly see it in the demo of course.

Nice commentary and fun match, hope to see more of those, good job.

And people use mortar+nex because they are the most precise and fast to use (nex=instant hit, mortar=very fast projectiles, lands mostly where you aim it at and fast refire). Habit or not, they are the most effective to combo for this reason especially in duels at almost any range when in offensive position. Other weapons have their use in other situations, but not a lot of it happen in Stormkeep where fights are mostly either close range (ie: fighting for megas) or long range (ie: sneaky nex shots from far away).

Other weapons are mostly used there to block paths or running away while spamming tunnels (electro/crylink). Rockets are often used for prediction shots as they are too slow and risky to use in most fights, they are best used midrange when opponent is not too close or at long range with some guiding as they accelerate after you fire them (still, mostly best for prediction shots).

So, weapons are very nicely balanced, it's about using them in the right situation. Obviously, let's not forget the player's preference, people will always use what they are best with, they don't need to fire one shot with each weapon during fights just because they have them. Wink

Well done.

btw 150 ping is tiny

go practise at high ping servers , it will teach alot , but its f..king hard Smile



oh and im talking about 300 + ping times :p

Soon, high ping won't even really matter much... CSQC (client side) players is actually already here, it's not that far off to do csqc weapons and such so there is essentially no lag for the individual player... of course, the enemies may jerk around, but that would happen anyway and can't really be helped.

I actually partly disagree with nifrek on some statements he said: Electro, Rocket Launcher, and Crylink can be used in more than just purely defensive/predictive/spammy ways... though Electro and Crylink are more short-to-mid ranged than the others, they still have a fair use like the other weapons even in normal combat.

I use Crylink/Rocketlauncher quite a lot in combo, and i'd like to use the electro more (I just usually forget out of habit and skip it) -- You can actually see that in my duel on darkzone, I use a variety of weapons in combos which many consider unconventional as they are not used to them.

Regarding the mortar/nex, it is true that these weapons can work on almost any situation, and I have no idea how to correct this without pissing off anyone Tongue I'm clearly not going to nerf them in any significant way, that would annoy EVERYONE (including me) -- but it still would be a good idea to do something.

Welcome to another balance thread.

Crylink/RL would be more useful in short range fights if shotgun slap wasn't that ridiculously overpowered..

Yes, the range on the slap is still too big.

Anyway, can we sticky this thread? and place other commentaries in here? Tongue

P.S Samual do nothing, no one complaining Smile
[Image: 542.png]

#deathmatchers @


(11-28-2011, 10:03 PM)Samual Wrote: Welcome to another balance thread.

Don't be surprised. Every single thread becomes a balance thread after your posts.

Guys, please discuss balance in a separate thread if you think a discussion is necessary and could be fruitful.

No more balance discussion in this thread shall be accepted. Thanks for your understanding Wink

very nice commentatory, and a very nice tactical game.

My impression was that fisume would have profited had he had been more aggressive and tried to hunt when in control.
The nex+mortar is fine, QL is pretty much the same Smile . Some sick rails kojn, at some point there where 4 in a row really nice.
The one part i was kinda wtf'd was the "shield at 10 msg" which i presume its an internal joke between u guys Tongue as it was completely accurate!

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