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Planet Woune

Another trick to reduce the size of your package is to convert your external lightmaps (tga files) to jpg files.

yes I am aware about this ... however I'm not going to take all the time rip the alpha channels out of the textures and change them to jpg atm ... probably later when the map is more mature, and when I am more sure which textures I am going to use (cause right now I'm only using about half of them)

thanks for the tip though

its Friday update time Big Grin

3d tiles ... bumpmaps wouldn't cut it

rlights ... weeooweeooweeooo ... no it doesn't make any sound... but it does spin Big Grin


fancy werpzones Big Grin

edit explanation ::

This week I decided to take a break from digsyite for a bit. So I started on the ctf map

Its a small ctf map with many paths to the enemy side

It consists of 3 main parts ...
the bright white corridors
and superheated middle room

I've only really made progress on the corridors

other info ...

I plan to have a nex trade up system ... in order to get the nex ... you must push a button that takes away your laser ... so you either have laser ... or new ... not both (unless you kill someone who is holding a nex)

I am playing around with realtime lights ... I'm surprised how easy they are to add ... almost easier than way-points ...

I wish there were some way to "bake" my realtime lights as normal lights ... so I can futs around with the lighting on a fine grain scale ... and then re-render those lights as normal one (yes I know normal lights don't have fancy shadows and such)

Also chronas are cool ... is there anyway to add chronas to non-real time lights ?
... is there anyway to change chronas to a picture rather than a radial gradiant?

also also ... im starting to reach the limit of how far I can go texturewise with just gimp's plasma script and photos of concrete ... I was thinking of creating 3d techpanels in blender ... anyone know how to get normal/hight maps from blender ?

anyways ... the map is called Pyipe Lab
if follows the radiant grid much better that Digsyite ... so I am not expecting this map to take very long to make

Everything sound really good Smile

Only one thing, trading your laser for a nex is not a gold idea. In normal ctf it's no problem at all to have a nex which everyone can just take easily.

hmm ... I guess you may be right ... although I play on public servers alot (actually I haven't found a clan yet) and ctf oftentimes turns into team dm...

i'll wait till I release a pk3 for you guys before making any final decisions

mini friday update

I'm trying to get a pyipelab pk3 to you ... however netradiant isn't behaving atm

I was able do down the size to about 30mb by converting the textures to jpg .... hopefully I will get it to you later tonight

Awesome! Can't wait to try it out.

Its happy time ! ... I finally got q3map2 to compile my map ... I had to backscale 2 versions ... but you won't miss much ... just some experimental corkscrew pipes and dysfunctional teleporters ... both were probably a bad idea anyways

back on topic ... this is a gameplay test release ... meaning ... It is mean to test how the map plays ... not how it looks (but feel free to comment on looks if you feel inclined)

known issues -- please give feedback on anything but these
-- rlights are missing ... didn't have time to add them to bluebase ... so I left the file out for now
-- mapinfo is missing ... again ... I was lazy ... your xonotic should autogenerate one so not a problem for now
-- seethrough sky issues ... ill fix those later
-- warpzone min-distance too short
-- laser is required to access flag
-- no waypoints

gameplay points that need special attention ...
-- the middle room is not symetrical ... does it work
-- the warpzones
-- bumpy tiles

ok enough chat ... screenshot time

warpzone fun time ....

HEY ... who put a hole in this wall! ...

sneaky sneaky sneaky pyipes

industry standard misspellings


download (pk3) .. I got it down to a happy 27 mb ... just for you Big Grin
link to pk3

ps ... I want to have hidden guns ... but I know that that is a mapping no-no ... so ... could I put 20+ evily hidden HLACs all over the map? ... please?

edit :: also if anybody can figure it out ... I have a model with a texture that won't work ... and I cant get the bumpmapping working on the glass ... any help is appreciated

wha? nobody? ... ok ...

anyways ... I know its not friday yet ...

its already May !
I'm going to have to drop the assault map for now and stick with the two I have been working on.

My goal for the next 2 weeks is to get digsyite into its official server-ready alpha stage Big Grin

Then after that I will try to get pyipelab to its server-ready alpha stage.

I don't think I will be able to "finish" the maps before the school year ends ... however ... i'm very sure that my teacher would give me an A even at the map's current state (cause they are all woa... you can make cool 3d stuff on the computer) I will try to finish up the two maps over the summer ... after that ... I'm not sure what I'll do yet...

On top of all that I am trying to get an internship at Ravensoft ... and in order to do that I need to complete their design chalange ... guess what ... make a COD 4 map... getting that running on linux is going to be fun...

anyways ... I will be updating this thread as much as possible ... also if anyone can tell me (tutorial) how to make animated models ... that would help me so much....

For sake of ... um ... ... idk ... maybe im just panicking ...

I will be updating this thread every time I work on the project ... which will be at least once a day ...

my top priority issues that I haven't figured out yet



list is small atm ... it might get bigger....

also ... once I do figure out animated models ... would it be possible to make custom particle effects and realistic water by baking blender fluid and particle animations as a animated model?

cant talk much now so it is brief...

new texture ... you like?

Attached Files
.jpg   hty-panele-0001.jpg (Size: 47.35 KB / Downloads: 142)

I do like! good job!

Ok ... I ran an ingame test with a similar texture using the same procedure

(gimp ... and a photo of 4 in of rusty concrete ... and the skrew photo)

im still debating whether or not these fit im my current maps ...

.jpg   hty-panele-0001.jpg (Size: 194.1 KB / Downloads: 155)


Gakly sees gold ... a delicious snack

mean while Shanon simultaneously contemplates the monetary value of what appears to be a large amount of gold ... and the quality of her drawing.

no i wasn't going for gold ... just rusty brass ... but looks like I got something in between... although this not quite shiny enough for a finished metal .. im not sure what it is ... again ... I just made it in gimp...
I don't know what the blue stuff should be ... I just came up with it on the fly ... any suggestions (besides slime)

If you agree it seems to me that these are reasonable quality ... with minimal effort and tools ... I may make more textures following this theme ... If you like feel free to request a texture (like a vent ... or a small tile ... that kind of thing)

just wondering ... seeing as tga is too large ... jpg has issues with transparency ... and most of the textures in xonotic are in .dds format ... could I simply create my textures using .dds? (.xcf -> .dds) or is that a bad idea ...

if it is not a bad idea ... do they have to go in a subfolder named dds? or can they go alongside other textures?

.png   hty-panel.png (Size: 282.47 KB / Downloads: 127)

been futsing around in gimp again ... this time I think I found a style that I can actually work with ... best part ... no photo references ... everything in these to textures is pure gimp... no graphics tablet either ...

There seems to be wierd blackness in the wone with pipes ... that might be because I used pure black in the hight/normal map ... I think I may have heard that I am not supposed to do that... if i'm wrong ... please speak up

so ... could this work ... are these textures useable (should I make more(any color requests))

What are jpeg's issues with transparency? Perhaps that's easier to fix than use dds directly...

When working with textures always use tga as file format. It doesn´t compress anything and can handle transparency. Looking at the textures in the git version of Xonotic you´ll notice that all pictures are tga files. Wink Also the loading speed of your map will be better when using tga pictures instead of jpg pictures.

hutty Wrote:There seems to be wierd blackness in the wone with pipes ... that might be because I used pure black in the hight/normal map ... I think I may have heard that I am not supposed to do that... if i'm wrong ... please speak up
It´s right to use black in height maps but not in normal maps. For normal maps you should use transparency or even better just the basic 7f7fff colour (html colour code).

normalmap colour:

hue: 240
saturation: 50
value: 100

red: 127
green: 127
blue: 255

Git uses tga files because they are the uncompressed source files. If you look at the release scripts, you'll notice that the tga files are converted to jpeg and dds in releases.

More specifically, it runs these two commands, where rgbq is the rgb jpeg quality and alphaq is the alpha channel jpeg quality:
convert "$texture.tga" -alpha off TGA:- | cjpeg -targa -quality "$rgbq" -optimize -sample 1x1,1x1,1x1 > "$texture.jpg"
convert "$texture.tga" -alpha extract TGA:- | cjpeg -targa -quality "$alphaq" -optimize -sample 1x1,1x1,1x1 > "$texture_alpha.jpg"

Right, Mr. Bougo! That said you, hutty, should use tga when working on your map and convert them separately to jpg images when making a release.

..ok ... but is there a problem with using dds in a release?

also ... for alpha issue ... I create my normal/hightmap (one file with alpha) using gimp's normalmap script thing ... it is difficult to extract the alpha hight map from the _norm file without messing things up ... I also forgot the name of the height map jpeg ... (was it _normalpha?)

It's the usual name with an _alpha prefix. texture.jpg and texture_alpha.jpg. Use the two commands above to convert it from tga, it's not hard!

(05-12-2012, 11:19 AM)Mr. Bougo Wrote: It's the usual name with an _alpha prefix. texture.jpg and texture_alpha.jpg. Use the two commands above to convert it from tga, it's not hard!

... no I know that one ... but what about the normal map alpha (hightmap)

It's the same _alpha suffix. Any file.tga with an alpha channel can be substituted with file.jpg and file_alpha.jpg

oh ... ok ...

off on a diffrent topic ... if I were to attempt to make a music for my project (using lmms) ... If I used a midi soundfont ... would it have to be gpl? or not (im thinking its on a similar line to photoshop's brushes)

edit :: i did find this

another random question ... i noticed blender's obj export has an animation checkbox ... does it work? does xonotic support it? does obj even have animation?

Afaik it does support animations. Though if it fails you could still use iqm.

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