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Replacing spawn weapons

You shouldn't worry about changes, this game is in (I guess Tongue) beta, or at least not finished.

The weapon systen extremely complicated, and worked just weird. I guess that's what happens if your game has been developed for over 5 years. It worked for me, but itwould be good to make things easier and less weird.

I trust Samual, he knows what he does, just wait and see what he comes up with, instead of giving him a shitstorm before he did anything.

(06-24-2012, 05:14 PM)noteven Wrote:
(06-06-2012, 03:50 PM)W4RP1G Wrote: the laser secondary is useless to those that use weapon specific keybinds effectively, and a crutch for anyone else.
Thanks, warpig, just because you only use keybinds to switch weapons doesn't mean others do so to the same extent.
Hence the comment about it being a crutch for anyone else. Learn your keybinds, you'll thank me later.

Looking good so far, but I hope the gameplay don't turn too slow with no laser . .

Quote: Xonotic is a free, open source(GPL) ultra-fast, first-person shooter

EDIT: Sorry for not reading trough the whole post.

My suggestion is to have the laser as the spawn weapon and only making it more powerful

(06-25-2012, 08:04 AM)W4RP1G Wrote: Learn your keybinds, you'll thank me later.

It's not exactly the weapon binds, it's muscle and memory from cerebellum gained over the years: laser on screen = weapon switch back to previous on secondary!
Sure, we'll adapt, but it'll be painfull. Some of us got used to this since 6-7 years now.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Not sure I'm for merging the shotgun and laser. That just seems like a bad idea to me. Adding a proper secondary to the laser however might be a good idea, something like a shield that flashes up for a split second to block shots (similar to what can be done with UT99's impact hammer secondary) seems like a neat concept. The only real issue I ever had with the weapon system save the obvious redundancies (rifle and HLAC in particular) in Xonotic is how the ammo is divided up. I think that the shells should be replaced with an ammo type that splits cell ammo up and that the shotgun should use the same ammo as the machine gun.

Oh wait.

When you think about it, it's entirely possible to merge without losing functionality.

primary: laser + shotgun (think HLAC secondary, but weaker)
secondary: melee (shotgun secondary pretty much unchanged)


primary: shotgun + melee (eg. extend some stabbing part as you shoot, making it a bit gunblade-ish, either on shot or an autoattack on a direct contact with an enemy)
secondary: laser (like in minsta or Overkill guns)


primary: laser + melee (melee part as above, laser unchanged)
secondary: shotgun

Option A is my favourite by far.

Well, most quake'ish fast-paced FPS have only one spawn weapon, making Xonotic more like the mainstream quake'ish games(Quake Live, Warsow etc.) will make their transition to Xonotic less painful and will result in more ppl playing xon :-)

Nexuiz/Xonotic always had more of a resemblance to Unreal Tournament than Quake though.

Oh wait.

I know, sadly enough many ppl dont even know about UT :/

(06-25-2012, 10:52 AM)rafallus Wrote: primary: shotgun + melee (eg. extend some stabbing part as you shoot, making it a bit gunblade-ish, either on shot or an autoattack on a direct contact with an enemy)
secondary: laser (like in minsta or Overkill guns)

I think that is the way to go, with autoattack when near enemy, even if its lots like wsw's gunblade.

Just want to tell is that the most common weapons new players use is MG & SG removing these will force them to pick up better guns and result in that they get better stats and hopefully like xonotic more :-)

Can I just ask? Will the new "pulse gun"(if I can call it that way) be using the current laser gun model or a new one?



Just before sg gets replaced: since it's commonly considered OP, I played with balance settings and came up with this:

g_balance_shotgun_primary_refire 0.5
g_balance_shotgun_primary_force 5
g_balance_shotgun_primary_damage 2.5

Basically, increased refire rate significantly [2 shots/s vs 1.33 shots/s] dropping damage per shot at the same time [35 vs 56 before]. So just using primary before to gun down someone @100HP/0AP required 2 almost perfect shots (which could happen in no less than 0,75s). Now it requires 3 almost perfect shots (now 1s at least) with less leeway for errors (105 vs 112 dmg).

Also to reduce spam, push is reduced quite a bit, as well as ammo consumption increased dramatically, so you can't go trigger happy and have to watch out for it.

See, how it works in practice, if you feel like it. But my playtests do suggest gameplay got a lot more frantic now. Almost like 2.5.2 one but with lower and harder to pull off max DPS.

Many ppl seem to complain on the Crylink due to it's high DPS and pushing power. IMO it's not that powerful, it's often better to spam(weapon combo or whatever it's called) with the mortar and nex(or mortar and rl etc.). The secondary is very useless compared to its primary.

My suggestion to fix those problems is this:
set g_balance_crylink_primary_force -45
set g_balance_crylink_primary_speed 1500
set g_balance_crylink_primary_refire 0.8

set g_balance_crylink_secondary_force -30
set g_balance_crylink_secondary_speed 1800
set g_balance_crylink_secondary_ammo 1

What do you guys think?

I think we should keep our hands off the weapon balance till the new spawn weapon and the lg are ready to test so we can include those when rebalancing.

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