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Dead Simple remastered.

I have been mapping a lot since I arrived and this is the first thing that I actually feel like releasing! It is a fully remade version of Doom 2 map07 "Dead Simple" and it has a nice Xonotic feel.

: Screens! :

[Image: 1stgpx18mr6c2vmfyqbh.jpg]
[Image: azzhpdr2tdqgzzzrxwxr.jpg]

: Comparison :
[Image: 803686e5569b1e26aba98795625c7416dde4716f...76866g.jpg]

Download here.

I can't see the screens.

[Image: xonotic20120526123304q2imz.jpg]

here is a screen shot
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Well, I like it but you can do the stone walls much more realistic and interesting. The sand is also a bit flat which you can change by using patches.

Urgh, please don´t use patches for terrain it has a huge impact on the performance. Use brush terrain or modeled terrain for this purpose instead.

In general the map is square and blocky everywhere you look at. This may be caused by the simple layout which the Doom 2 map had. But maps in 2012 do look different now. Wink Break the layout up in angled shapes, not just those block-here-block-there-look. Though I don´t know for how long you´re mapping now. Tongue

I know it's not the best map in existence, but it's something that I could actually finish and like at the same time (unless Texture3/NULL has anything to do about it) I wanted to remake a doom map successfully and here it is, I know it's square, but that's the map! As for the stone walls, yeah, i was getting frustrated trying to make the vertices behave properly when i was warping them.

How do I run this map? It's not a .pk3 file.

(05-27-2012, 06:02 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: How do I run this map? It's not a .pk3 file.

Put the bsp file in data/maps and it works ;-).

About the map - it's too small, the original Dead Simple was a lot larger than this one. You need to scale the whole thing up ~1,5x, cause right now it feels a bit claustrophobic.

I also think that adding a few decorations here and there would be good. Bumpmaps would be nice to have too.
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