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The Overkill thread

This is the place to put your ideas and feedback regarding the Overkill mod.

I like OK as an alternative to minsta+hook. It feels like the same intense CTF, but with a lot more depth. Just wondering though, do the uzi and shotty do headshot damage? I haven't noticed if they do, but I've also never tested it.

Also, I have yet to see the RL anywhere. Do some servers have it removed? And if so, why?

I know these are questions and not feedback, so here's some feedback: Headshot damage would be sweet, and I would like to use the RL. If the RL is being removed from servers because it's op, then perhaps it should be rebalanced.

Quote:Also, I have yet to see the RL anywhere.

It's not exactly RL like in standard game. It's RPC (rocket powered chainsaw), spawns in place of defense powerup on maps like courtfun or recratewal, IIRC. It has nice animations, even if it isn't textured much if at all.

No headshots atm, possibly could be added for nex.. but as one hit usually kills it does seem sort of redundant.

As rafallus said, RPC is replacing shield power-up on the few maps that have it. Yes, it does saw you in half rather then explode if you git hit by the projectile. And yes its OP, but everything in overkill is OP Tongue

Obviously, it would be nice to see the models and weapons textured and the reloading animation of the machine gun needs to be fixed.

I think that the weapon balance is good, although I'd like to see the special RPC do a lot more splash damage - if you fire it and miss, you often get gibbed by your enemies, which is kind of unfair (but seeing as its some kind of chainsaw, I doubt that splash damage will work that well).

Also, I don't see the need for headshots.

Sometimes when you spawn you get killed instantly. It would be nice if players had a spawn shield that lasted around 2 seconds.

I think that the team spawn mechanic is quite cool, but I prefer spawning back at base. But that's just my opinion.

Overall, it's a great mod!


Did you make these threads because you were inspired by my weapons balance thread tZork? Big Grin

Texturing of the OK weapons & players it unlikely, they where made like they are to make it quick and easy to make them. Of course if someone steps up and does a decent texture job for them i obviosly wont refuse it.

RPC splash damage you say?
overkill.cfg Wrote:g_balance_rpc_damage 150
g_balance_rpc_edgedamage 50
g_balance_rpc_radius 300
And that's not enough? Tongue

There is .5 seconds of spawnshieldtime in overkill. Any more makes the team spawning far to powerful.

There could be a per-client option not to use team spawning in the future, not quite decided yet.

I made this thread since i get allot of questions & suggestions abt overkill at irc and in-game. Those are far from ideal mediums for it tough, especially with my bad memory. So now i can tell ppl to take it to the forums instead! Wink

Quote:Texturing of the OK weapons & players is unlikely

Hopefully, when the community gets bigger someone can give it a go. Smile

Quote:There could be a per-client option not to use team spawning in the future, not quite decided yet.

Having a client-side option to spawn either with the team or back at base sounds great!

Quote:There is .5 seconds of spawnshieldtime in overkill. Any more makes the team spawning far to powerful.

Selecting where you spawn will kill the need to have a longer spawn shield, as you can always choose a different spawn point if one becomes too hectic.

Quote:And that [splash damage] is not enough?

Yeah, about the splash damage... Well I feel that on some maps the RPC isn't nearly as good as the chain gun and that whenever I miss someone or spend too much time hanging around trying to predict where the projectile's going, someone always manages to frag me. Perhaps it needs a speed boost?

I'll give it a go in a match and get back to you soon(ish).

In tight corridors, the RPC is great, so I guess it works well on certain maps.

Really like it overall... it's a great way to make instagib less boring Wink

The un-textured models are fine too, it's an art-style that looks sufficiently nice.

What I don't like is the grenades. Nearly no-one ever uses them the way they where originally intended, by boosting them with your shots (really cool idea in theory, but to difficult to pull off mid battle, and I guess most players don't even know about it). IHMO all they are good for right now is a cheap post death revenge by leaving them behind after you die.

I guess they would need a significant redesign, or otherwise just remove them completely.

tZork, can you please remove all these mods from the game and make them aviable as just download able pk3's? I'm spreading news about Xonotic daily and everybody that going and try it out say it sucks but the real reason they think so is that they came to an Overkill server, a Vehicle server, a Nexuiz mod server. Please remove these so poeple can play the real game!

K__, what the hell? You want him to shut down popular servers that people enjoy playing so that clueless people who can't figure out that there are different game types don't get to give it a try?!

What's next? Kill all minsta servers because some skilled nexers play there? Kill all 1v1 servers because newcomers won't understand that the game supports more than two players? Kill all european servers because americans will think the game is laggy?

I thought K__ had more sense than this!

(06-15-2012, 11:51 AM)rocknroll237 Wrote: I thought K__ had more sense than this!

+1 on this, SHAME ON YOU!
No, seriously, we've been over this. OK stays, because it's fun, people enjoy it, and also, most importantly, tZork enjoys it.


ps: also, iirc Overkill is an official mod just like minstagib, as I think at least the media is merged in master.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

I'd now suggest that Mr B deletes some of these posts to keep the thread clean.

No, that'd be censorship.
[Image: 561.png]
"One should strive to achieve; not sit in bitter regret."

Quote:No, that'd be censorship.


I'll instead suggest we get back on topic. Pretty please :>

Does every non-vanilla server have a server notice stating that it's not a representation of Xonotic? If so, then the blame only lies on player who does not read the server notice, or reads it but still does not find a vanilla server.

Also, is this a place to debate about OK, or is a new thread needed for that?

New thread please.

EDIT: And keep in mind that not only overkill is concerned. Thanks.

Sorry, my post made it all get out wrong, this is wrong place to discuss this and I dont have anything against overkill & vehicle mod specific. I respect tZorks great work on these mods and Im not supposed to take out my anger on the forums. I am strongly sorry!

Thank you :>

Apologies for my somewhat aggressive response, too.

If you wish, feel free to continue this in a civilized discussion in a separate thread. Wink

First off vehicles is NOT a mod, its a part of Xonotic master, and have been since 0.1. Second, nope. If the general consensus is mods are bad, evil things that have no right to be anywhere near Xonotic, then fine i shall take Overkill offline and also leave this community. forever. I do however not think that's the general idea and thus consider your request forcefully rejected K__.
Now this discussion is over in this thread, i don't want to see another word abt it here. If you just have to push this view on things, plz do so in a thread at that topic.

So back to the topic: What about the grenades? Should they be redesigned or removed from Overkill? My suggestion would be to make them more TeamFortressClassic like, e.g. grenades that have special effects like shooting nails or smokegrenades or so... hitting the grenades mid air with your shots is just to difficult to do in the middle of a fight.

Here comes feedback:

-HMG lacks crossharir
-There is a typo in "2 HIT MULTIKILL" kind of message. Instead of "Excellent", it reads "Exelent".

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

I don't think the heavy machine gun really needs a crosshair. That said, I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be included.

I think the inclusion of special grenades would be cool. Maybe just a smoke grenade, or a napalm grenade that would lay down a puddle of fire and lava over an area. The smoke could obviously be used for cover and confusion and the napalm used for setting traps.

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